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The weird case of Bernd Leno jersey against Wolves

The Arsenal goalkeeper has made an unique primacy for the London club

The weird case of Bernd Leno jersey against Wolves The Arsenal goalkeeper has made an unique primacy for the London club

For the first time in the club's history, an Arsenal goalkeeper played not with the goalkeeper's shirt, but with a playing uniform of the moving players. It happened in the tenth round of the Premier League match between the Gunners and Wolverhampton, a match won 2–1 by the hosts. Arsenal goalkeeper Bernd Leno took to the pitch with the club's second shirt, the adidas shirt with the Highbury marble-inspired pattern. However, this is not the only novelty. Between Leno and Macey this season, Arsenal goalkeepers have already worn four different jerseys. As soon as Arsenal fans saw Leno in the Gunners away shirt, many commented with irony or disbelief on the club's choice. 


According to the British website Museum of Jerseys, Arsenal's primacy is confirmed, and the cause is due to English league rules on color differences between two teams on the pitch. For the jersey of movement players there's been no problem: the first white and red kit does not cross with any color of the opposing jersey. But the Gunners necessarily had to change the colour set-up of the goalkeeper's uniform as Wolverhampton's first shirt has black parts, the same colour as Arsenal's first goalkeeper shirt - moreover, Wolves, they also have socks and shorts of that tone. The second goalkeeper's uniform was also a problem because it was the same as that of the other team's goalkeeper - green colour -, while the third, the fluorescent orange one, was too confused with the bright yellow of Wolves' first kit. Thus, renaming it the "Fourth Goalkeeper Kit", Arsenal decided that Leno would wear his teammates' second playing shirt, with socks and red shorts. 

Under Premier League rules, the solution to the colour problem would have been up to the hosts, but since Wolves had no uniform - between the three players on the move and those of the goalkeeper - Arsenal had to resolve the matter. The Gunners' third kit has therefore also become a resource for the goalkeeper and, for a similar club, this is an extraordinary case. In fact, it is resounding how Arsenal, which already have three keeper kits, have to resort to a game shirt so as not to alter the chromatic difference during matches. In Italy we have often seen goalkeepers use the first or second jersey as a reserve uniform in matches with particular color crossings. For example, in recent seasons, the goalkeepers of Parma F.C. and Sampdoria have often played with the first or second jersey of their fellow players.