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Mcron and Erreà are the most "visible" brand in Championship

Italian brand are going well in the English serie b

Mcron and Erreà are the most visible brand in Championship Italian brand are going well in the English serie b

In the Championship, some Italian brands seem to be doing better than many other foreigners, even surpassing the brand image they have in Italy. This is what results from the monthly report of IQUII, the company that deals with social and data analysis; Macron and Errea are, together with Kappa, the only Italian companies that provide technical material to English Premier League and Championship clubs, and in the second division, the two Emilian brands gain visibility on social media like no other brand in the category. 

Macron sponsors 4 clubs (Preston North End, Stoke City, Nottingham Forest and Reading) and Errea only 2 (Norwich and QPR) and are respectively the second and fourth brands (along with 3 other companies) by number of teams in the Championship. But according to IQUII, despite the fierce competition and strong presence of Umbro, the potential exposure to social media through their teams is the highest of all the second English tournament. The Bolognese Macron is in the lead with 5 million possible users, while the Parma-based Erreà is third with 3.3 million - in the middle there is Umbrian with 4.6 and dresses 5 clubs. IQUII calculated october data from November 14 through November 13 and considering how Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Global platforms (usually clubs have accounts in multiple languages) and You Tube. 

Visibility is the possibility that these brands have to appear through their teams to their users. Being on the uniforms and shorts of the players photographed, once on the various platforms their visibility increases and IQUII calculates the results based on the followers of the various clubs. The companies sponsored by Macron have more followers than those of Umbro, which despite having more clubs fails to overcome its Italian rivals. Very good also the teams of Erreà: Norwich F.C. was last year in the Premier League and is therefore very popular all over the world, the same for QPR, which despite being long missing from the top English tournament, is actually an historic club in London and with more than a million followers. 

Their hypothetical visibility is still much lower than that of any other Premier League brand - Under Armour, which dresses Southampton, is the least visible and comes in at £5.3m - but when compared to Serie A it's a nice result. In Italy, where Macron is the brand with the most commercial relationships in the top tournament (5), it reaches a possible visibility of 6.2 million users, while Erreà even surpasses it: the company that plays Parma in Serie A collects 770.4 thousand possible users, while in the Premier League the result is even multi-million dollar.