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Real Madrid asked to modify the adidas x Human Race jersey

It's all a question of logo

Real Madrid asked to modify the adidas x Human Race jersey It's all a question of logo

After the debuts of Juventus, Manchester United and Arsenal, only Real Madrid and Bayern Munich are missing from the appeal of the Human Race jerseys. But galacticos would be in reworking. In fact, Real did not like the excessive modification of the logo by Pharrell Williams, who instead of the current coat of arms put a more blurry and antique style, with the characteristic trait and design of this collection

A choice that, according to Madrid, would not be suitable for Real to be able to wear that adidas shirt on the pitch. The other teams have chosen different options to show the public the shirt - Juventus, so far, was the only one who played a game there - while Real, even on social media, was the club that never showed the uniform. At most, the Blancos, like the other teams, have posted on Instagram and Twitter a video of the goals scored with that jersey in the past, but nothing more. Real then asked adidas to redo the Real Madrid logo and in fact, in the next (and definitive) Human Race edition, the shirt will have the same patterns and design, but a new logo, identical to that of blancos now. 

Before Saturday's Clasico at the Camp Nou, Real took to the field in the usual adidas pre-match jersey, grey and with pink writing. The most passionate about jerseys, knowing about the collection, will probably have been disappointed not to see either before or during the match the new Human Race jersey. By the way, this is not the first time a club has complained these days. Flamengo, Brazil, would not approve the new adidas jersey for the 2021-22 season, commissioning adidas - the technical sponsor - to redesign the jersey, initially presented with a revolutionary design.