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LeBron James bought his third mansion in Los Angeles

"No one... No two... No three..."

LeBron James bought his third mansion in Los Angeles No one... No two... No three...

***UPDATE 01.10.20***

After inquiring last July and contracting with Hilton & Hyland's Richard Hilton and Jeff Hyland, LeBron James managed to get his hands on his third home in the Los Angeles hills. An 9,100 square feet villa in the hills of Beverly Hills, with one of the most incredible views of the City of Angels, becomes part of the real estate investments. Thanks to a check for 36.75 million dollars (numbers reported by The Real Deal) King James bought the house that previously belonged to Lee Phillip Bell, the American soap opera legend who died aged 91 earlier this year.

After the two properties in Brentwood, LeBron could not miss a new Hollywood king's villa, equipped with 2 guest houses, a cinema room, swimming pool, tennis court, an immense garage and several fountains scattered throughout the various courtyards of the villa . The "discounted" price that managed to uncork the Lakers' #23 is just below his annual salary (37 million) that the Bass family pays into James's already full coffers. Earning more from endorsements than basketball, it's an investment the man from Akron, Ohio, has been able to afford, waiting to be able to move after the NBA Finals.




According to reports from The Real Deal, LeBron James is in talks to buy a 39 million dollar villa in the Beverly Hills neighborhood, which would become his third home in Los Angeles: in fact the Lakers wing already has two more in the Brentwood district, a $23 million and a $21 million district.

The ''new'' mansion dating back to the 1930s seems to have been proposed to him in early June by consultants Hilton & Hyland after ex-owner Lee Phillip Bell - talk show host and creator of ''Beautiful'' - is deceased a few months ago.

The entire property, located on a promontory, reaches 9 thousand square meters and has a Los Angeles view ''garden'' that reaches 2.5 acres; inside there are four bedrooms, two of which are suites, eight bathrooms, multiple entertainment areas and seven fireplaces, a cinema room, a fireplace. Inside the property there is also a pool house with two bathrooms, two outbuildings with independent entrances, an illuminated tennis court surrounded by thick and luxurious vegetation capable of maintaining the privacy of the owners.

According to sources close to the player, the house will be purchased in the very short term, although in the past few days James himself commented on Instagram a photo that portrayed another villa worth 52 million dollars, asking if ''it had already been purchased''.