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Disney World is the perfect location to resume the NBA championship

Two arenas and 4900 hotel rooms ready to host teams and insiders

Disney World is the perfect location to resume the NBA championship Two arenas and 4900 hotel rooms ready to host teams and insiders

*** update 26/05/2020 ***

Only official is missing: the NBA 2019/2020 season will end at Disney World, or a private facility owned by a historical partner of the league - Disney, which among other things is the sponsor of the Orlando Magic as well as the owner of ESPN, from to which the NBA earns $2.5 billion a year - in one state, Florida, where Coronavirus seems almost a long-overdue problem.

The teams and professionals will all gather in Orlando in an extremely restricted area from the end of July to end the season interrupted on March 11th. The games will be played on the parquet of the Espn Wide World of Sports Complex, one of the many places in the resort where there are two arenas ready for basketball, the HP Field House and the Visa Center: the first could be transformed in the main arena, where the Finals can be played, while the Visa Center has a size that can host up to six basketball courts.

Furthermore, there are already structures that could become gyms, massage rooms or interview rooms and therefore a perfect situation would arise both if the League decided to resume the season from where it was interrupted, and if it decided to start again from the playoffs. Even the accommodations would already be ''ready'': in fact, considering all the resorts within Disney World, there would be around 4900 hotel rooms available.


*** 22/05/2020 ***

According to what reported by the two authoritative ESPN voices Adrian Wojnarowski and Zach Lowe, the NBA franchise is waiting for precise indications from the League - expected approximately for June 1st - in which it announces the guidelines to follow. First, all players who have left the United States will be asked to return to their jobs and from that moment on they will begin a training phase in which it will be a little more than "freedom of movement".

In fact, according to the rumors of The Athletic, some players have already started to return to the gym to keep fit by organizing work in small groups in isolated places, one of the few possible ways to try to preserve team chemistry: LeBron James for example he organized private training sessions with a few companions at a time, in some locations specially used for field work; the players involved have been tested, have kept the distances foreseen by the protocols and have put in place the indicated guidelines, with the aim of being found immediately ready in the event of a rapid restart of the championship.

However, it is not yet clear when and where the return of the real competition could be, even if Shams Charania and Sam Amick report that the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando has been evaluated as the perfect place to host the isolated return of the championship.

Orlando seems to be the favorite over other options such as Las Vegas and Houston, primarily because it would be a totally isolated place and therefore not reachable by all non-experts, in addition the area has large housing facilities and hotels that could be made available to the teams themselves. Last factor - but not in order of importance, on the contrary - is the fact that Adam Silver, NBA commissioner and the director of the Walt Disney Land Resort are in excellent relationships, which has favored the likely choice of location in Florida rather than in Nevada .

It is assumed that, for the resumption of the championship, all the swabs done to the players and staff will have to be negative.