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The two Spotify playlists for "The Last Dance"

From the best of hip-hop and R&B of the 90s to the soundtracks of the series

The two Spotify playlists for The Last Dance From the best of hip-hop and R&B of the 90s to the soundtracks of the series

The Last Dance is not only the representation of a fantastic team like the Bulls of the 1997-98 season, but it is a wonderful insight into a time that seems very far away. And to contextualize a series, there is no better instrument than music. In fact, many are appreciating the choice of soundtracks and music that accompanies the story of one of the most incredible sporting adventures.

To relive the sounds of the time and to listen to all the songs in the series, Spotify has joined ESPN and Netflix to expand the range of action of a sports series already cataloged among the best ever. Two playlists have been created to appreciate everything that is gradually facing the best product you can devour in this quarantine. The first concerns soundtracks like "Sirius" - the anthem in essence of the Chicago Bulls -, "Partyman" by Prince, "I'm Bad" by LL Cool J, "Still not a player" by Big Pun and Joe or classic like "Turn it up/Fire it Up" by Busta Rhymes

The second playlist, however, is not directly related to the music we find in the series. "After The Last Dance" is a collection of podcasts in which the new episodes are presented and commented, taking stock of the situation. Carl Chery, creative director and responsible for Spotify's urban music, says he is satisfied with the work done so far: "It is an honor to join forces with ESPN and Netflix to curate a playlist to support this series which is currently in effect the appointment for everyone's sports week. The list of songs, updated gradually with the episodes, is a hymn to the music that defined the 90s. From hip-hop to rock to R&B, the songs were specially edited by streamer to discover and experience the culture of one of the most influential epochs. We are proud to have a hand in bringing together music, entertainment and love of sport at a time when we need communities and a consistent dose of sports content".