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Social communication of footballers during the quarantine

Who is reinventing himself best by staying at home

Social communication of footballers during the quarantine Who is reinventing himself best by staying at home

Without football, footballers have rebuilt their daily routine also on social networks. Recently we were discussing about the danger for high-level atlete; today, instead, football stars are demonstrating a great ability in reinventing themselves in mass communication, fixing new standards in interactions with fans. Not only atlete but also entertainers, able to intercept tastes and trend during this particolar moment.

It’s a matter of contents but also of backgrounds: without schedule’s repetition in training-game-home, the players are searching for new interactions with followers. Feedbacks are fundamental to understand if a contetnt is good enough and the best way to spread a message – no fan is alone, either in this period – with a lot of shades: so it’s not only important the quality of message but also the creators' personalities. No matter if it’s right or wrong.

Marchisio is involved in noble causes and continues to manifest his sympathy to doctors and nurses; Douglas Costa dribbles his dog on his rooftop; Bonucci was one of the first testimonial for the social campaign #distantimauniti; annoyed Acerbi simulates going fishing in Rome meanwhile his family it’s in Milan; Totti and Messi re-boosted #palleggichallengeCiro Immobile is an absolute star on Instagram thanks to the interludes with his wife Jessica. «During this quarantine period, football players must try new social contents, finding new instruments and new platforms to comunicate with fans», Max Sardella, Influencer and Sport Marketing Manager, said. «Social media are entertainment and the fastest way to spread some important messages».

Speaking of new platforms, on Tik Tok Alphonso Davies is having great success: after his Brooklyn Nine-Nine parody, Bayern Monaco LB continues to have fun in some videos in wich he seems a comedian. A good alternative to the various challenges on the web. Sergio Ramos contents are more basics, posting home workouts and family-life moments.

Workout, sometimes with kids and family, is a fitting topic when we speak about football players on social networks – for example look at three of the last four post on Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram account –, overtaken by new iconography: it’s no longer a demonstration of rich lifestyle but a wider view of the own personalità, tying to dismantle the retoric of bored millionaires with meaningless privileges offering nothing in retunr. From this point of view Firmino playing the piano helps to feel all in the same situation because an event that will change our lives, not only on social networks. Waiting for other concrete actions such as that of Messi that announced on Instagram Barcelona players paycut. Because it’s like this in quarantine: on and off the pitch, on and off the social networks.