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New Era x NBA: an ode to the playground

The Spring 2020 collection celebrates the American League's union of performance and lifestyle

New Era x NBA: an ode to the playground The Spring 2020 collection celebrates the American League's union of performance and lifestyle
Laurent Bentil

"Own the court": this is the name of the new New Era x NBA collection, which brings the brand closer to its origins, merging the performance with the coolness of the playground. A collection, the one of New Era x NBA, that was born to celebrate the evolution that basketball is undergoing in the last years. This is the intent of the American brand, a leading manufacturer of hats for over 100 years, which more recently has also distinguished itself for the production of apparel and accessories.

In the editorial shot by nss sports, basketball and lifestyle meet to highlight New Era’s heritage. More than any other sport, basketball - thanks in part to brands like New Era - has entered the imagery of street culture, becoming an integral part of lifestyle. 

Stefano, a 27-year-old model and basketball player at Bocconi Milano, says that it’s easy to associate New Era with basketball culture: "Basketball players are becoming more and more trendy, everyone has  their role models. For me it was Kobe, but still today the kids try to imitate their favorite players even off the court and New Era manages to satisfy every style with its hats.

Through the items of this collection, New Era revisits in a modern way the most classic models and colors of the teams that have made the history of American basketball (like Bulls, Celtics and Lakers) with a line of clothing and caps that can be worn anywhere, from local courts to the most prestigious American arenas.

The collection, featuring extra-large logos and strong color-blocking, is full of details with graphics inspired by the playing court and highlighted NBA teams’ logos.

Among the various items, there’s  a jersey with contrasting mesh insert with oversized fit and made with a material that guarantees natural perspiration and quick drying, which can be combined with a zip-up hoodie with an all-over print, logos and graphics of the 30 NBA teams. Both garments come in monochrome logo shades, bringing together the NBA's iconic color combinations with the relaxed look of the neighborhood concrete courts.

The most important items in the collection, however, are the t-shirts, decorated with graphics inspired by both today's basketball culture and by the iconography of old school street basketball, that can be sported for a casual look even off the court.

It was from a t-shirt that Emmanuel’s passion for basketball was born: "My uncle, who lives in New York, gave me a Michael Jordan t-shirt when I was 5. In those years watching an NBA wasn’t easy, only with the advent of smartphones I began to follow it daily. Now as soon as I open my eyes, I pick up the phone to see the highlights of the games, especially those of Lebron’s Los Angeles Lakers. But I'm not a real Lakers fan, I call myself more of a "Lebronian", because I cheer for the team where he plays.

Clara, 22, a model, university student and current player of the Milan Women's Basketball Series B considers herself a Lebronian too: "Basketball, even women's basketball, is constantly increasing in visibility, the influence that this sport has on the fashion world is amazing. Everyone tries to replicate their idols. For me, in addition to James, there is also Cecilia Zandalasini, the spearhead of the women's national team and WNBA player."

This is how New Era pays homage to the game of basketball, with garments that will certainly not go unnoticed.

You can buy the entire 'Own the Court' collection from February 17th on the official New Era website or at select retailers.
Video by Andrea Schiavini