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So Rihanna is a Juventus supporter?

How the relationship between the world of football and the marketing industry has changed

So Rihanna is a Juventus supporter? How the relationship between the world of football and the marketing industry has changed

His appearance was so dazzling that the two Sky Sport commentators, Maurizio Compagnoni and Luca Marchegiani, even had to interrupt the Juventus and Atletico Madrid tv report: at the Allianz Stadium the Champions League match between the Italian giants and the Spanish club was just began when Rihanna arrived (with the iconic Louis Vuitton Sport ball bag already available on Vestiaire Collective), who didn't even have time to take a seat in the stands of the Turin stadium and her pic was already on all the coolest social accounts in the world, not only sports dedicated. 

This is a new way to manage the relationship between football and the star system, in which the clubs invite celebrities to cheer the team in order to shape the media image of the club and get to communicate with an audience that would otherwise not he would never be interested in football. Shortly, celebrities become influencers for the club.
In the meanwhile in fact, still at JStadium, Douglas Costa posted a photo with the famous (in Italy not much, actually) Brazilian singer Luan Santana, demonstrating a designed communication strategy designed behind his invitation, the same showed by Juventus for important European meetings.

The influencer marketing applied to football

The club that has most effectively managed to translate these marketing strategies to football is the Paris Saint-Germain spendthrift of the Al-Khelaifi management, which in recent years has become a lifestyle brand to all effects. The corporate plan of the Parisian club - made up of continuous collaborations aimed at forging a very close bond with the fashion universe (the Jordan shirt to wear for the European matches, Rita Ora who wears the kit made with Koché) - has managed to embrace a sector initially far like fashion one, and indirectly a large slice of people. In this direction, have benefited the frequent appearances at the Parco dei Principi of celebrities like Beyonce and Jay-Z, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, and also Kourtney Kardashian, Naomi Campbell and Rihanna herself. All somehow involved in the new stylistic project that has repositioned the Parisian club as the coolest in Europe despite the poor sporting results.

Juventus has joined PSG both in terms of branding and influencers: the aim is to rejuvenate the image of a centenarian club in a lifestyle key, focusing a lot on strengthening an International appeal not exclusively linked to sports results, but to the new image transmitted by the team. And in structuring this new mentality it was understood how it is in some ways more important and absolutely complementary than the one concerning winning the games and buying the best players on the scene.

If the influencers are likely to be the future of football, the Juventus team in recent years has been able to make the most of the benefits of the connections between the world of football and the world of music and entertainment, widening even more its fan base by making an effort on the effect of hype and attractiveness that guarantees mutual benefits in terms of visibility and growth. Recently Juventus has carried out (and won) important and courageous challenges concerning the renewing the club aesthetic (from rebranding to the jersey without vertical stripes, from camouflage to Icon collection up to the collaboration with Palace), carrying on in the meantime, a massive and careful campaign of recruiting and social engagement of vips, which before Rihanna (who has always been particularly attracted to the football life since the days of flirting with Karim Benzema, and who had already been photographed with Paulo Dybala) had interested djs like Giorgio Moroder, Loco Dice, Martin Garrix and Peggy Gou, singers like Mika and Romy (from The xx), NBA stars like Ray Allen, Nikola Vucevic and Donovan Mitchell and supermodels like Claudia Schiffer. Once they have joined the club, they automatically become ambassadors. Real market signings.