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Juventus releases a jersey dedicated to Captain Tsubasa

To win over the anime audience

Juventus releases a jersey dedicated to Captain Tsubasa To win over the anime audience

Among the clubs competing in Serie A, Juventus is the one that most loves to expand beyond national boundaries in terms of collaborations and partnerships. Over the years, starting with the historic collaboration with Palace Skateboards, which is already a part of modern football history, and moving on to projects with the Brazilian artist Kobra and the more recent one with the Berlin-based magazine 032c, they have managed to establish their branding in various countries. The team from Turin has decided to add a new location to their map by creating a jersey dedicated to Captain Tsubasa, the famous manga created by Yōichi Takahashi, a television product that has made history in international television - and who doesn't feel a sense of nostalgia when looking at the T-shirt? The jersey features a visual on the back depicting Mark Lenders, the undisputed protagonist of the anime, best known for the so-called Tiger Shot, superimposed on the number 78 and the name Kojiro Hyuga, which is the original Japanese name for Mark Lenders.

Juventus has decided to depict Mark Lenders with the third jersey of this season, enhanced by a button-up collar, a detail that adidas has focused on this year. On the front of the jersey, in addition to the adidas logo and the team emblem, what stands out is a caption inspired by anime aesthetics, written in kanji. «The project is part of a broader initiative aimed at uniting Juventus with the world of art and culture, with the goal of engaging both the most nostalgic fans who grew up with Kojiro Hyuga, aka Mark Lenders, as an icon during their childhood, and the new generations of Bianconeri fans around the world who share the same passion for stories that come from the past but have a contemporary flavor,» added Gianmarco Pino, brand manager of Juventus. We can't wait to discover what the next steps will be for a company that doesn't set limits.