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The 10 most beautiful jerseys of the 2019/2020 NBA season

The main theme of the upcoming season is: back to the past

The 10 most beautiful jerseys of the 2019/2020 NBA season The main theme of the upcoming season is: back to the past

After four long months of waiting, NBA is finally back! They start tonight with the games between the reigning champs,Toronto Raptors, against New Orleans Pelicans, followed by the first seasonal Los Angeles derby between Lakers and Clippers, and we must be ready. Among the rookies to watch as much as possible, sensational market transfers (above all Kevin Durant to Brooklyn, Kawhi Leonard to the Clippers and Russell Westbrook to Houston), brand new parquet floors and new entries from Europe like the Italian Nicolò Melli, it's time to give a look at the most beautiful jerseys we will see worn during the long American basketball season.

Many have already been revealed, others not yet: as you well know, the NBA franchises use to wear different jerseys based on different seasonal occasions and some of them, like Golden State Warriors, have even presented six. Many colors, the fonts' change, different nicknames of the teams and different references to the city are adopted, but during the 2019/2020 season we will see above all a massive return to the 90s mood thanks to vintage jerseys, remastered and reproduced in a modern way as Raptors, Jazz, Grizzlies, 76ers, Trail Blazers and Bulls have done. But besides the nostalgic trend adopted by Nike like they did in the football scene with the Third kits, there are many other jerseys that deserve a look, and so let's discover them together.


Brooklyn Nets, Statement Edition, Nike

It will debut on November 1st and will be worn 22 times in season. To design it Nike has collaborated with the local artist Eric Haze, author of the writing BKLYN.


Chicago Bulls, Statement Edition, Nike

We already talked about it in a depth a few days ago, here, Bulls will wear again one of the most iconic jerseys of the 90s, that pinstriped one worn by Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen e Dennis Rodman. This season it will be used only seven times.


Los Angeles Clippers, City Edition, Nike

Spotted on Sports Illustrated a few days ago (you can read the entire story here), this jersey could be a real cult for collectors from all over the world because of the particular gothic font, really similar to that of GTA San Andreas. 


Charlotte Hornets, Classic Edition, Jordan

From 2010 Michael Jordan is the main shareholder and owner of the franchise and for this reason the Hornets' jerseys are made by Jordan brand. Among the three classic uniforms, all of these with vertical stripes, this one stands out.


Utah Jazz, Classic Edition, Nike

Announced last August, this is the remake of the Purple Mountain kit that you probably remember, worn from 1996 to 2004, during which Jazz played the NBA Finals two times, in 1997 and 1998. 


Memphis Grizzlies, Classic Edition, Nike

For Grizzlies it's about to begin an important two-year period: firstly the celebration of 25 years anniversary of the debut of the franchise and then, the next year, the 20 years since the move from Vancouver to Memphis. An excellent chance to show off the teal-bronze-red-black kit of the past.


Toronto Raptors, Classic Edition, Nike

The Canadian franchise celebrate the first 25 years in NBA too, and it's why they decided to remaster the jersey of the period 1995-1999, the famous Dino Jersey. The same white jersey worn by Vince Carter, and now by Marc Gasol.


Indiana Pacers, Statement Jersey, Nike

Waiting for the official release (after the presentation, actually you can only book it) there's one of the best jersey of the East Division, inspired by the Flo-Jo models that made the history of the franchise.


Portland Trail Blazers, Classic Edition, Nike

Another vintage jersey, another link to the past, and precisely to the 1977 season, when the Trail Blazers won the title wearing this jersey with the name of the team vertically written.


Philadelphia 76ers, Classic Edition, Nike

Among the 12 teams that will wear a 'classic edition' jersey there are the 76ers, one of the most interesting teams of the recent years, not only on the pitch. They will dress five different jerseys this season (the 'statement jersey' is really amazing) but this is the best one, inspired to the 70s.