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The most beautiful parquet floors of the NBA

Different colors, special graphics, old logos and unique fonts

The most beautiful parquet floors of the NBA Different colors, special graphics, old logos and unique fonts

More than four months after the game-6 after which Toronto Raptors managed to win the first NBA title in their history, is already time to start the new season, and to forgot the what happened during the recent Asian preseason tour. There will be a new Italian player, Nicolò Melli, who signed for New Orleans Pelicans where he will find the pick number 1, Zion Williamson, there are also many relevant team changes (one of the three Azzurri, Danilo Gallinari, left the Los Angeles Clippers for the Oklahoma City Thunder) such as that of Kawhi Leonard who left the Raptors for the Clippers, new lineups, new jerseys (the Utah Jazz and the Memphis Grizzlies will use their old logos) and new locations, like the new home of the Golden State Warriors, who moved from the Oakland's Oracle Arena to the San Francisco's Chase Center. Other franchises have simply remake the look of their parquet, as often happens: the most interesting restylings that we will see this year are certainly those of Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Clippers, who presented two brand new versions that will be used only for a few occasions like the city edition nights. Among the more than 50 different surfaces that we will see during the entire season, we have chosen the ten most interesting ones, a bit like Grantland did until it was online:


Boston Celtics, TD Garden

It's undoubtedly one of the most famous parquet floors in the entire NBA history, due to the greenery but above all to the particular structure of the parquet that hosts the Celtics home games since 1995. Also next season there will be the logo with Lucky the Leprechaun and a reproduction of the signature of the unforgettable Red Auerbach as the main detail.


Charlotte Hornets, Spectrum Center

It's the same parquet as of 2014 but it remains one of the most original, with the hexagonal honeycomb pattern that fills almost the entire surface of the floor, and with the return of the silhouette logo in the center.


Los Angeles Clippers, Staples Center

We had already talked about the new font that Clippers will put on their jerseys during the seasonal city edition nights. Well, this will instead be the customized Staples Center effect, which this season will also be shared with the other Californian franchise, LA Lakers. In 2020 Clippers will also make their 50th birthday.


Brooklyn Nets, Barclays Center

Announced at the end of September, it's certainly the parquet that has mostly talked about itself all over the world: the unusual mix of seasoned wood and cement color is inspired by the playgrounds of the famous New York district and its industrial soul, while at the center stands the minimal logo of the franchise that moved to the new venue in 2012. On the sidelines, the lettering is a tribute to the characters of the New York underground.


Orlando Magic, Amway Center

Among the different versions of the Amway Center there is the 'icon edition' one, which differs because of the restricted area made with the traditional colors of the Florida team jersey, with black and blue pinstripes.


Milwaukee Bucks, Fiserv Forum

Remaining in the East coast, Gianni Antetokounmpo's Bucks have recently moved to the Fiserv Forum and show a particular version of their 'statement edition' parquet: a giant deer is depicted on the entire surface of the 3 points area, a stylistic choice also adopted by the Pelicans already few seasons ago.


Toronto Raptors, Scotiabank Arena

For the second year in a row the Raptors will play at the Scotiabank Arena, after the name change of the historic Air Canada Centre. One of the versions that we will see during the 2019/2020 season proposes new colors but above all the old logo of the Canadian franchise, the one with the Dino Jersey that will also appear on the jerseys of the reigning champions. But perhaps the real gem is the footprints in the middle of the field.


Cleveland Cavaliers, Quicken Loans Arena

The Cavs are no longer able to aim for the title, decidedly weakened after the farewells of Lebron James and Kyrie Irving, but there's a reason to smile anyway: the 50th anniversary of the franchise that will be celebrated with a special parquet.


Memphis Grizzlies, FedExForum

In a few months the Grizzlies will celebrate two important dates: the 25 years of their debut in the NBA and the 20 years of moving from Canada to Tennessee, which is why we celebrate by dusting off the old crest, the Grizz bear, the true protagonist of the new parquet visual identity.


Golden State Warriors, Chase Center

Perhaps not everyone knows that the Warriors were initially linked to the city of Philadelphia and only many years later they move to California, specifically to San Francisco in 1962. And given that Curry & his teammates have just re-transferred to the Californian city, one of the Parquet that will be used next season is customized just in honor of the return to the origins.