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The Premier League YouTube channel is amazing

A dream for all the English football fans, divided by clubs and seasons

The Premier League YouTube channel is amazing  A dream for all the English football fans, divided by clubs and seasons

Some time ago we told you about the social profiles of the major European championships and the disastrous use that makes them the Serie A, both in terms of content and in the speed with which it publishes news.

The data released by IQUII Sport had shown us that the most active league on social is the English Premier League. The 3.8 million followers on the Serie A Instagram profile are ridiculous compared to the 29 M of the PL, just as the 93,000 on Twitter are compared to the 20 million in the English championship.

To split even more this gap, which honestly exists, even if to a lesser extent, with the other leagues, the Premier League has just officially launched its own YouTube channel and is the best gift they could give us in the week in which the 2019/2020 season begins.

The new profile will host videos of historical moments, epic matches, goal and rivalries, updated according to the schedule and matches of the week. There are already sections available divided among clubs, to trace the history of the English championship since 1992, the year in which it was founded by replacing the old First Division. The channel will also have an information function, videos of events and activities organized by the federation and various clubs will be posted on the tube.

There will be compilations for every level of nostalgia, from Thierry Henry's Highbury videos to Cantona and Alan Shearer's goals in the 1990s, awaiting all the highlights of the season that will open with some big challenges like the one between Manchester United and Chelsea.

The videos range from 5/6 minutes to almost 30, to lose sleep or organize football binge-watching sessions.

After the great diffusion in the mid-2000s, YouTube had given way to other social networks like Facebook or Instagram, but the decision of a federation like the English one is a signal that the broadcast platform could be growing. YT is still the least used social media from the big leagues but it allows to live very different emotions and in the last years also in real-time. It is no coincidence that Sky is planning to oppose the BBC by publishing a few minutes after the end of the match some videos of Highlights, of about 3/4 minutes, until now not officially available due to rights reasons. 

All you have to do is go to the YouTube channel of the Premier League and review all of Son's goals, the celebrations of Gianfranco Zola in the 1999/2000 season or the harmony between Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres.