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Serie A, we have an Instaproblem

Social management of the Italian top league does not go very well

Serie A, we have an Instaproblem Social management of the Italian top league does not go very well

I have been following the Serie A for many years. I do not say I've always followed her because thinking about it would be a lie: when I was three months old, for example, I did not know anything about the ball and the championships and Champions League (aka Champions League) and all these things. And when I was 9 years old I preferred Yattaman to Juventus-Milan. And when inst-ok, you got it.

On Instagram instead I do not follow the Serie A account (and neither on Twitter, but this is another point that we will discuss again in the future). I follow several profiles of friends and acquaintances, like everyone; and I also follow profiles of football teams, and football players, and of all things concerning football. But not the Serie A. To be clear: I tried to look for Serie A and the first result that came out was Serie A Memes.

Then I really found it, on the Serie A Instagram profile. And I noticed that the highest national football institution has some problems with the social all photos and beautiful images. For example, there are no beautiful images. But let's go in order: here are some notes for Miccichè and associates (al). So does he manage the profile, right?

Note: to understand how even the small things you understand the inadequacy of the management, will come every time to compare the profile of the Italian league with that of the Premier League, although maybe it's the Spanish La Liga account that we should have as a major reference, seen as it is growing well in recent months in line with the level of their top leagues.


#1 Remove that logo

All the photos in Serie A have the horrible Serie A logo in the upper right corner. Cumbersome, useless, annoying. Is Serie A afraid of someone stealing their posts? Why brand them all like that?

The pic is very ugly, poor Milenkovic. Here is the English equivalent of a similar post:

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All over you like a rash . #premierleague #pl

Un post condiviso da Premier League (@premierleague) in data:

Intriguing, well done, in step with the times. And above all without a logo. Game, set, match: Premier League.


#2 Happy New Year to whom?

Clear example of wrong post: the best wishes for 2019. The next post, however, is to invite everyone to watch the championship again this year. A sort of Power Point with a Gladiator style music underneath. Beautiful also the Getty Images tattoo by Sau.

Here instead is the total theme of the Premier:



By the way: Serie A, have you seen the Premier League video? It's all full of beautiful goals with lots of commentary. On the Instagram profile of the Italian league, however, there is no half-net. But why? Goals are the soul of football, let us see at least someone, I do not say all, just the most beautiful, c'mon.


#4 Timing

Instagram has existed for many years, yet the Serie A has decided to open a profile on one of the most popular social networks in the world only in the summer of 2018. After the first two post style "follow us we are cool" ordinance, the first true image posted is this: anonymous statements of Pjaca + equally anonymous pic.


#5 Ugly good wishes

Greetings from Serie A:

Best wishes from the Premier League:


#6 Memes are ok, but only beautiful 

Type: the "When ..." has gone out of fashion for a while. Ok try to make memes, but they are well done. This is only a meme attempt, the Serie A has remained on the threshold, wary, with the question of whether to dive into a magical world or not. And he did not dare to jump. Ah: the logo is almost as big as Icardi's face.


#7 Dare, dare, dare

Serie A, why do not you try to do something really different from the ordinary? For example, put a nice picture of a flying trainer with a quote in Latin. No, it's not such a crazy thing. The Premier League, for example, did it.



#8 Put in beautiful pics

We close with what should be the basic rule of Instagram: to put beautiful pics. Instead the Serie A chooses images that uhm, that is, but why?

Also in this case, Premier teaches:

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Corner goals • #PL #PremierLeague @josecholevas

Un post condiviso da Premier League (@premierleague) in data:


Supercoppa bonus

Photos that look like cheap postcards taken in the worst stalls of Jeddah, horrible logo on the images, Supercoppa left around a bit 'everywhere and in a rather casual. Yes, Serie A: we have an Instaproblem.