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The Serie A flop on social accounts

IQUII Sport underlines, if needed, the bad situation of the Italian league official accounts

The Serie A flop on social accounts IQUII Sport underlines, if needed, the bad situation of the Italian league official accounts

We had already written, a few months ago, some sincere reflections regarding the use that is made of the Serie A Instagram account, light years away (unfortunately) from those of the other big European leagues both for a numerical issue and for the quality of the contents offered. An absolutely visible gap that was highlighted even more by the 18th report of IQUII Sport, thanks to which we had already better analyzed the situation regarding the most followed football teams on Instagram and also that of the most popular brands in the six top European tournaments. What is well shown by the infographics is the enormous detachment that our league accuses against Liga and Premier League, and that not only interests Instagram but all the social platforms taken into consideration.

Let's take the Instagram data: the 3.6 million fans with whom the Serie A stands, in third place behind the 27.3 in the Premier League and the 19.1 in the Spanish Liga, are not even our worst result despite the huge numbers that separate us from the top. In the Facebook ranking, our league is in the fifth place (2.9 million against 55.1 in the Liga and 42.7 in the Premier League) while on Twitter we are even seventh behind the Portuguese Primeira Liga and the Championship, the English second division, unable to reach 100,000 followers (we are still at 83.5k). In this case the 'fault' of this discouraging result is also because of the new account, created only last August instead of the previous one, deleted. But the weight of Italian clubs in the universe of Twitter faithfully reflects the trend of its league, which unlike the other accounts does not have an international version, in English: the profile in a foreign language, in Serie A, it's only a prerogative of Juventus, AS Roma, Inter, Napoli, Sampdoria, Bologna and Parma: definitely not enough.

The aggregate voice, the definitive one that counts all the social networks (the three mentioned above and YouTube), can do no more than attest to our league in fourth place with 9.4 million fans, behind the Bundesliga and in front of the Ligue 1: Premier League and Liga have numbers just under ten times greater than ours. Moreover, no particular sign of growth can be seen with respect to our 'rivals' in the last month (the report relates to the period from 15 May to 14 June 2019): Serie A recorded an increase of 2.07 %, it's true, but others have done better. Liga Portugal has risen by 5.06%, Ligue 1 by 3.68% and La Liga by 2.33%.


To take a closer look at the report, you can download it for free here.