The partnership between Napoli and adidas continues.
After signing the captain Lorenzo Insigne - the German brand was the first technical sponsor to sign an agreement in the De Laurentiis era that foresees the possibility of using the image of a player - adidas has signed a new deal with 4 other Italian players becoming the technical sponsor of Simone Verdi, Amin Younes, David Ospina and Elseid Hysaj.

Napoli is a real unicum case in the management of image rights in the international football scene. The club claims 100% of it, in practice this is called "transfer of image rights": the players refrain from the possibility of generating revenues that go beyond the contract with the company to which they belong, leaving the management and revenues to the company itself, in exchange for higher gross wages; De Laurentiis opted for a 50% division only for Rafa Benitez, Pepe Reina, and Gonzalo Higuain, while Marek Hamsik managed to obtain 100% of the rights to use his image in Slovakia.

adidas becomes the official supplier of 4 Napoli's players After Lorenzo Insigne, adidas signs with Simone Verdi, Amin Younes, David Ospina and Elseid Hysaj | Image 0

A similar policy but not completely, it is used by Real Madrid that starting from 2000 and exactly from the contract stipulated with Luis Figo, applies a 50% division between players and companies from the revenues deriving from image rights. Lately, the Real has changed slightly politics evaluating the case of the percentage by case, see Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo.
A choice diametrically opposed to Napoli is that of the PSG; the French team is "image rights free" in the sense that it does not claim any right from the player and leaves the proceeds at his complete disposal.

With regard to this new collaboration, President Aurelio De Laurentiis said:

"With the signing of this important agreement, which comes after the one already signed with Lorenzo Insigne, the involvement of four other important players consolidates our collaboration with adidas. This agreement further strengthens our strategy of image rights, unique in the football scene, and is a further example of the commercial enhancement of Napoli's players." 

Thanks to this new partnership between Napoli and adidas, Simone Verdi will wear the X18, Amin Younes and Elseid Hysaj the Copa 19, while the goalkeeper David Ospina, the Predator.