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LeBron James will not play the NBA playoffs

After 13 years no post-season for 'the King'

LeBron James will not play the NBA playoffs After 13 years no post-season for 'the King'

Last night, LeBron James and his Los Angeles Lakers lost the game that finally condemned them but above all mathematically, not to play the playoffs this year. The franchise coached - perhaps even for a short while - by Luke Walton lose at home against the Brooklyn Nets of D'Angelo Russell, who the Lakers let go too soon and too lightly.
LeBron will not play the post-season for the first time since 2005.

Let's start with a fixed point: LeBron James never discuss.
When general manager Rob Pelinka and President of Basketball Operations Magic Johnson last summer managed to contract the Cleveland Cavaliers' 23-year four-million-dollar contract, we all thought the Lakers bank would change things after the last losing vintages (5 consecutive seasons out of the playoffs). It didn't happen that way, at least for this year.
Yes, because that of the Los Angeles Lakers is a medium / long-term project, Magic himself had declared it at the beginning of the season and it was clear that things were so seen the many young - but good - left in purple and gold (Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram) and the various veterans arrived at the King's court (Rajon Rondo, Lance Stephenson, Tyson Chandler in the current season, etc.). On the latter, however, one thing must be said, they seemed put together without a real meaning, almost as if this season "had to pass", a bit like the night of Philippine memory. It is known that LeBron had a certain voice in the choice of free agents but it is also known that if you take LeBron, take the whole package.
But we tried to analyze the reasons that led, indeed, that did not bring LeBron and the Lakers to the playoffs.

One reason is certainly the coach, Luke Walton.
A team with no bite, unmotivated players and from a technical / tactical point of view a clear inferiority towards most of the franchises they have faced (the record of the Gialloviola is currently: 31 wins and 41 defeats). It is ok, you make war with the soldiers you have but seeing Walton embalmed on the bench in the most difficult moments of the season certainly does not testify in his favor, in addition to all the returns. Likely, I would say almost certainly, he will not be the head coach of the Lakers next season.

Another element that did not help the Los Angeles Lakers, was injuries. Just think of the fact that LeBron James had to skip 17 games due to a groin problem he suffered during the Christmas game against the Golden State Warriors, unusual for the King but time is the most determined of opponents to which LeBron will have to surrender, one day. What is sobering is that before Christmas and then before the "boss" stopped in the pits, the Lakers had a winning record and seemed in full swing for a place in the post-season. Nothing, with LeBron in the infirmary the Lakers lost their leadership and "the straight way was lost".

The route was however traced by the duo in the "control room", Rob Pelinka and Magic Johnson. A roster put together a little in bulk and perhaps thinking of the medium / long-term perspective but the choices of the Lakers leadership did not convince, or at least were a real unknown given the elements put together "under the same roof".

I avoid talking about the Anthony Davis question because it was an impossible task to accomplish since the New Orleans Pelicans always had the knife on the handle side - the Lakers varied on Twitter on the subject - and never taken into consideration the offers, real or facetious, of the franchise of Jeanie Buss to be able to bring the "monociglio" in yellow jersey before the space for the trade was closed. True that Davis and James do have the same agent, Rich Paul, but we'll see if this will have a bearing next summer when we can talk about this operation in a more real and concrete way.

Let's put it this way, LeBron James will have more time to rest and to get rested and pissed - we are sure - in the starting blocks of next season and the Lakers leadership will have plenty of time to be able to solve the problems that, for the sixth consecutive year , they see the most famous basketball team in the world outside the playoffs.