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Footballers who could really participate at Sanremo Festival

The musical festival seen from the football pitch

Footballers who could really participate at Sanremo Festival The musical festival seen from the football pitch

The most ancient singing competition of Italian television (will this be true?) is about to start, in this edition there will be indie peaks never reached in the past, with the various Motta, Ghemon, The Zen Circus and Achille Lauro. Nostalgia operation now seems to go towards sunset, the Ariston stage welcomes new voices while remaining always anchored to some big name (Nek, Renga, Loredana Bertè) because it is important to always remember where we come from.

At this point, however, the change of look of the singing festival could also continue and break through the banks of the football fields, go beyond the line and make an invasion. Some players would surely be enthusiastic: there are those who have music in their blood and who have even attacked their boots to sing. Here then are some other candidacies for Sanremo, including new proposals and big ones.

New proposals

Kevin Prince Boateng

He left Italy once again and took our heart away again. What's more, as if we were not already crazy about him, Boateng decided a few months ago to get out even his first single delirious/rap and then now we were at least kind enough to get on the stage of the Ariston to give us back a bit of that love. With a pair of forced glasses and a glittery microphone, of course.


Pierluigi Gollini aka Gollorius

Someone called him a trap singer, and since, however, the trend of the new Sanremo seems (also) this, Gollorius (so has been renamed the goalkeeper) could really take part. His first single was called "Rapper coi guanti", in Sanremo could participate with something like "Ehi sorry guys but I saw it last".


Lucas "Pata" Castro

The idea, in this case, is to launch a petition on to make this happen. Until now we have joked, but Lucas Castro really knows how to do it. From Chievo to Cagliari, his Instagram profile is hung with videos of him singing, guitar in hand and open heart. Among the many pieces, we chose this one dedicated to Maradona in an underground parking lot:


Lucas Podolski

Yes, the former Inter striker (yes, he was also at Inter) is also a singer: "Liebe deine Stadt" ("Love your city") is the title of his greatest success, obviously dedicated to Cologne . The piece in question was very successful in Germany and today on YouTube has more than 3,500,000 views.


Pablo Daniel Osvaldo

Any technical / musical comment would be superfluous: we had talked about the rock side of Osvaldo, now we are only waiting for his convocation with Sanremo FC.


Kevin Walker

He does not tell you anything, does he? 1989 midfielder of Djurgården (first Swedish series), Walker in 2013 took part in the talent show "Idol" (a sort of XFactor), winning it. Some curiosities: he signed a contract with Universal, he sang with Robbie Williams, his first single "Belong" came in second place in the official Swedish standings.


Big Category

In this case, our Nek (will he sing the Sassuolo's anthem, 'Neroverdi'?), Renga and Loredana Bertè are three former football players who would be very close to Carlo Conti. Like:

Alexi Lalas

Alternative/indie/folk look, guitar in hand, love songs for Padova.


Ruud Gullit

Sounds from Africa, black tulips from Holland and hymns to life singers in Milan.


Javier Zanetti

Argentine Tango, featuring with Mina and parole, parole, parole.


Bonus Guest - Cristiano Ronaldo

Special guest of the first evening with his "Amor mio", from the Golden Ball to the Golden Record.