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Good intentions for the new year of the 20 Serie A teams

The wishes of Italian teams for the next year

Good intentions for the new year of the 20 Serie A teams  The wishes of Italian teams for the next year

It's the end of the year, it's time for budgets. In the various changing rooms we will be pulling the various amounts, with the slates dirty tactics of wasted opportunities, wrong purchases and things to improve. But there are also good sides, promotions obtained, the salvations achieved, the Scudettos won (exclusively for white boards), winning purchases.

Furthermore, the end of the year also coincides with the good intentions for the following. Like: I will start the diet, I will enroll in the gym, I will not send more messages to the ex. All things that obviously will then be denied, but this is not the point. The point is that starting a new year allows you to dream. So here they are, the dreams of the 20 teams of Serie A, who are preparing to live a 2019 as protagonists. Who more or less:


#1 Atalanta - Try to hold back Zapata

He's scoring so much! He also scored twice for Juventus, he is taking a bit of an all round, obviously attracting a lot of attention on the market. And with Atalanta the doors are always revolving, waiting for the next player to be gasped and then sold. But Duvan no. All, but not Duvan. Also because finally Gomez seems to have found another giant to which to cling in moments of crisis.


#2 Cagliari - Make as many crosses as possible for Pavoletti's head

Cross anything to Pavoletti, and he will put it in his head. The Cagliari players know this, but you can do even better, like putting one of those machines on balls and shoot them all in, so just to see how many goals on 100 consecutive cross three minutes. Dystopian, but fascinating.


# 3 Frosinone - Earn more punishments to make them pull to Ciano

Ok, the salvation, the changing coaches and all the rest. But to score a few more goals for Ciano should be a priority for Frosinone, even for all the credits spent on him by thousands of fancers throughout Italy. Type: why not conquer free kicks from the burst limit? Look how good he is (for Fantagazzetta: raise Ciano!).


#4 Empoli - Clone Caputo and form a 40-goal attack tandem

Caputo instead is scoring, and how if he is scoring: from Serie B with love, the flat tax dressed in blue applies to virtually everyone, without distinction, with the same rate. The Empoli should then dig into the basement of some mad scientist and remove the dust from that machine for cloning that, you know, exists and how. Once cloned Caputo, there will be nothing but to toast his - pardon, their health.


#5 Milan - Fourth place, or the debut of Maldini jr

The race in fourth place is complicated: the Champions League goal remains "the Milan shield", as Gattuso recently declared. However, in the event that it should not be centered, at least Paolo Maldini could ask Ringhio to debut his son Daniele, who is making sparks in Spring.


#6 Lazio - Fourth place, or the debut of Pedro Neto, or the debut of Bruno Jordao

Same thing: Lazio fight for the fourth place, blurred at the photo finish last season. The Biancocelesti are trying again, and if things should go wrong, the hope is at least to see Pedro Neto (2000) and Bruno Jordao (class 1998), the two Portuguese arrived in 2017 in the Nani affair and never went down in field in Serie A.


#7 Rome - Try not to give too much responsibility to Zaniolo, and contextually give him the number 10 shirt

Hands up who saw the super goal of Zaniolo against Sassuolo. Ok, now lower all your hands. The former Inter pulled out a rare pearl, unleashing the perverse love of several fans, before whom appeared the sacred image of Totti reincarnated in a boy of twenty years. Someone invokes 10 as good intent for the coming year, and who are we to oppose the wishes of the fans?



#8 Chievo - Salvation, or hibernate Sergio Pellissier

For Chievo, avoiding the Serie B this year is still a rather difficult undertaking. Perhaps they will succeed, but probably not. Here then, to save the season, one could at least hibernate Sergio Pellissier, who is continuing to score despite the passing years.



#9 Sampdoria - Sixth place, or hibernate Fabio Quagliarella

For Sampdoria, achieving sixth place this year is still a rather difficult undertaking. Perhaps they will succeed, but probably not. Here then, to save the season, one could at least hibernate Fabio Quagliarella, who is continuing to score despite the passing years. Do not you also have a strange feeling of deja vu?


#10 Genoa - Hide Piątek well

All crazy about his shots: bang, bang, there's a new sheriff in the city of Genoa. Preziosi (gifts aside) would do well to hide it until it is on time, perhaps confusing it among millions of stuffed animals or putting it in the back of the shirts displayed in the official rossoblu store.


#11 Inter - Solving the Nainggolan issue, or solving the global pollution issue

Perhaps the second one is more likely.


#12 Juventus - Win the Champions League, or find a third Khedira impersonator

Come on! It would be great, possibly a midfielder to form a double trio and confuse opponents. Better to give it similar numbers too, choosing a particular font, like 11, 17 and 77, to create even more confusion. Even a Roberto Soriano could be fine.


#13 Naples - Fight as much as possible for the Scudetto, or deploy Callejon at the door at least once

From outside attack to outside in midfield, and on occasion even back: Ancelotti is shaping Callejon, which day after day is becoming more of itself. And if (at least once) between the Meret, Ospina and Karnezis the Spanish sprout?


#14 Bologna - Salvation, or return to the field Pippo Inzaghi and line up with Santander

Nothing is impossible: Pippo Inzaghi still seems fit, and rather than exonerate Bologna could decide to keep it under contract by coach-player, perhaps alongside a Donadoni on the bench. And we dream of an offensive couple with our favorite wardrobe.


#15 SPAL - Organize a summer friendly with Las Palmas

Would you like to attend an exciting Las Palmas-Spal?



#16 Fiorentina - To score Simeone, possibly by entrusting the bench to Simeone senior

What happened to Cholito? The themes of Genoa marked a lot, then it was lost. A lot of run and few markings in purple jersey, perhaps (do not want Pioli) with his father on the bench would do more. Or he could move to Atletico Madrid. The important thing is to be able to review a familiar scene like this:


#17 Udinese - Bring Jankto back home ☹️

What happened to Jankto? To Udinese's subjects he scored a lot, then he was lost. Come on, Pozzo family: sing a song by Maneskin and bring Jankto home, that the cold here is felt.


#18 Sassuolo - Do not let De Zerbi go to Barcelona, ​​or take Messi

Lately there has been talk of a possible interest of Barcelona for De Zerbi, and then Squinzi could respond with a sensational plot twist: Messi al Sassuolo. Utopia? Definitely yes. But a little ambition does not hurt, come on.


#19 Parma - Responding to Sassuolo by taking Cristiano Ronaldo, focusing on the support of Bruno Alves

Shot of the shots. May 2019: after the break with Allegri because of a stool too much, Cristiano Ronaldo decides to leave Juventus. It is under the Parma, which thanks to the support of his friend Bruno Alves convinces the Portuguese phenomenon to join the Gialloblu cause (in 2003 it was really going to happen).


#20 Torino - Take Olmo and let him play together with Edera

Hey, Cairo! We have an idea: there is an attacking outfit called Olmo, among other things in Milan's sights; you also have Edera, why not make a couple of plants? It would also have a literary value, given that there are two books on the subject (seriously: The elm and ivy and Like the elm and ivy). Nice, isn't it?