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Some free centre backs that could be useful for AC Milan

The most bizarre names linked to the Italian club in full defensive emergency

Some free centre backs that could be useful for AC Milan The most bizarre names linked to the Italian club in full defensive emergency

The Rossoneri defense right now is something between a team department  and a gathering of people who love Monday morning. To the mega injury of Caldara were added, in order, those of Romagnoli and Musacchio. In the next weeks, Milan will play important games for the future of this season, starting with the big league match against Lazio. There is the Champions League goal, and before that it's time to go through the Europa League. All with only one central defender available, namely Cristian Zapata.

The alternatives are few and ramshackle: adapt Kessié in the three behind, or adapt Abate, or Rodriguez, or Calabria; or focus on a Spring; or deploy Stefan Simic (who returned to base after his experience at Crotone), who never made his debut with Milan's shirt. A rather critical situation, therefore. Which could bring a new face to Milan. Untied, of course.

It's like this: each time a rose is shortened a bit 'more due to injury or more and less, we take a look to this long list of players (you can find it there). And within which Milan could find its next central defender. Like:


Robert Huth (1984)

Yes, that Robert Huth, the one who won a Premier League starring with Leicester. It is no longer very young, true, but it would bring experience and that bit of promotion that is enough to hold an entire season paired with Wes Morgan.


Diego Polenta (1992)

The youngest in this colorful range of free-throw defenders: Diego Polenta has already played in Serie A (only one presence with Genoa when he was very young, but he did play there) and has a surname that goes very well with winter meals. And a variety of mushrooms and sausage seasonings.


Paolo Hernan Dellafiore (1985)

The Dellafiore instead remembers something to eat only if also associated with pumpkin and batter and anchovies. On the other hand, however, has several appearances in Serie A and the name of Crespo in the middle.


Leonardo Blanchard (1988)

Blanchard is only 30 years old but he has already said goodbye to football to paint and stretch shirts, so maybe between one painting and the other he could also find the time to have a hand in Milan disastrous. He also scored a historic goal at Juventus Stadium. The homonymy with Bonucci could lead the Rossoneri fans to forget even more (in case there was need) the now ex-captain to embrace a new Leonardo defender.



Nicolas Burdisso (1981)

Ok, all right, he announced the withdrawal. But also Pellegatti has relaunched the news, waiting for a nickname in case of arrival. Proposal: Nico L'Andalo (how much is missing at the eighth season of Game of Thrones?) (However, winter is coming).


Florentin Pogba (1990)

The lesser known brother of Paul would be the right shot to effect and then try to reach the best known brother during the winter market.


Flavio Boaventura (1987)

It looks like "Bonaventura" modified on any PES ("Malgani" style), instead it is a defender free and see it in Milan would be beautiful.


Sekou Bagayoko (1987)

Oh well, you understand.


Wes Brown (1979)

No, he has not yet announced his official retirement. Wes Brown today is 39 years old and until a few months ago he played in India with Kerala Blasters (team probably chosen by name, wonderful and starwarsing). With the membership of Wes Brown Milan managed to return in vogue that nice habit of putting under contract former Manchester United players a good career.


Cristian Zaccardo (1981)

Certi amori non finiscono...