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Osvaldo rocks

From bicicleta in the penalty area to the world tour with the Barrio Viejo

Osvaldo rocks From bicicleta in the penalty area to the world tour with the Barrio Viejo

"I think it's not fair to judge the lives of others, because anyway you can not really know a shit about the lives of others"

Ivan Benassi spoke to Osvaldo that night. Or he spoke to the others of Osvaldo. Or Ivan Benassi was Osvaldo himself, who was tired of playing football and of all that was around it. He felt judged before, he felt judged later. But at least the freedom of choice has been taken. Freedom and rock n 'roll seem to get along so well. All decided, then: 2016 Osvaldo leaves football and gives to music. Perhaps after listening to Ivan Benassi's monologue, aka Freccia.


Osvaldo Football Player

"I think that an Inter like that of Osvaldo will never be there again, but it is said that there will not be any other beautiful in a different way"

Ok, maybe Osvaldo's Inter was not really beautiful. The Italian-Argentine wore the Nerazzurri shirt for only 6 months, from 6 August 2014 until 10 February 2010, when he closed his experience with Inter in a rather abrupt way: a quarrel in the field with Icardi + punch to Mancini + out pink + no access to the Pinetina + arbitration board + possible passage to Milan. From there Osvaldo will go instead to Boca Juniors. Then, in just over a year: the end of the Boca experience, the termination of the contract with Southampton, Porto, return to Boca, another combo smoked cigarettes + discussion post cigarettes smoked. Finally, the withdrawal from played football, announced on September 1, 2016. First, though, there was a rather long career full of teams. With some great ones. From 2005 to 2016 Osvaldo dressed the shirts of Huràcan, Atalanta, Lecce, Fiorentina, Bologna, Espanyol, Rome, Southampton, Juventus, Inter, Boca Juniors, Porto, Boca Juniors bis. Twelve different jackets (plus that of the Italian National) that deserve at least one gallery. It looks like the kind of picture you take every day for so many years to see the small, big changes in your body. Osvaldo instead saw the change of shirts.

It remains a fact: Osvaldo was a good player. Not a phenomenon, but certainly an attacker above average, as evidenced by the various large clubs that have sought him. He never scored so much, but he was a complete striker, with a good basic technique and an overflowing personality (and therefore difficult to manage, in some cases). Avoiding, however, to incur the usual error eh-if-only-had-had-the-head-of-Del-Piero. Osvaldo is Osvaldo, not Del Piero; he gave football what he wanted to give football, and football gave him back what he wanted to give back. Without always looking for a higher truth, if he had wanted to, he himself said that if he had been more professional he would not have had any blows. Osvaldo footballer was what he wanted to be, and not for this deserves to be considered an unfinished. On the contrary: Osvaldo realized exactly when he considered himself an accomplished player, deciding to say enough. However, that player was there, he was a striker and for this it seems fair to remember him with some of his best goals.

An bycicle kick with Rome, when the fans called him Simba because he looked like the Lion King Batistuta. By analogy there is also a gif with a rock kitten:


That time when he made the defense of Manchester City crazy, then shoot a burst of machine gun:


A half half-turned upside down in Inter's time:


A gollonzo with the national team:


A true striker's horn in Argentina:



Furious Osvaldo

At one point Osvaldo simply made a note. As the protagonist of American Beauty, he realized that what he was experiencing was not his life. It had been but it did not belong to him anymore. So he decided to do what he wanted to do, that is music, and to completely lose the football played. In a recent interview with the newspaper Marca, Osvaldo explained the reasons that led him to make this decision. Osvaldo wanted to smoke cigarettes. Osvaldo, when he returned home, preferred to roast rather than continue training as Cristiano Ronaldo. Osvaldo does not want to live like Messi, locked in a gold cage, "where you buy the biggest TV in the world and you can not watch it". Osvaldo did not want to buy a Ferrari to go to training in 15 minutes, according to him "public figures have the same problems as those who sell vegetables on the corner". He says he never cared about money, but thanks football, he does not deny it: it's the best thing that ever happened to him, he allowed him to help his family, not to let his father work anymore, to travel the world and to grow up. But then he said enough, because football had taken away his freedom, "and that is priceless".

"I think the desire to escape from a country with twenty thousand inhabitants means that you want to run away from yourself, and I think you do not even escape if you're Eddy Merckx"

And so, Osvaldo, instead of changing the city again, to change his shirt again, decided to completely change his life, without looking back. Not even Sampaoli managed to get him back on his feet. Anecdote unveiled in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport:

"In December 2016 I was contacted by Sampaoli, at the time in Seville:
'Dani, I do not ask you anything. Do what you want in the field and out, but I need a tip."
'Mister, but there's the Cosquín Rock'.
He: 'True, I forgot! Go ahead, of course you can not lose it.
Two crazy people"


Osvaldo the Rocker

The former striker of twelve different teams has decided to put on a band in Barcelona, ​​to call it Barrio Viejo and to go and play around the world. He did not miss the goals, because now it's the music that moves him. Osvaldo and his band have held concerts, released two albums (Liberación published, the other outgoing) and a single, which at this point should be heard. There is also the official video, with Osvaldo who seems to have forgotten his past as a player. Perfectly at ease:

For a judgment made on the piece and the Osvaldo singer you have to rely on the insiders: let's leave this task to them. Net of the judgments, however, the Italians will have the opportunity to hear them live: the Barrio Viejo will tour Europe, Osvaldo will return to Rome on January 19, which had welcomed him as a player to play at the Locanda Blues. The other dates: Prima Paganica (5 January), Olbia (10 January), Sassari (11 January), Imola (16 January), Pisa (2 February). And then Austria, Belgium, Germany.

The old life behind us, the new life that takes shape. Osvaldo is sitting in the dark, with a cigarette in his hand, and speaks into the microphone of Radio Raptus:

"I think I have a big hole in it, but also that rock n 'roll, some friend, football, some satisfaction at work, the bullshit with friends every now and then this hole fill me"