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Vinicius Jr's story is Tarantino movie

Could the enfant prodige be the Real Madrid's savior?

Vinicius Jr's story is Tarantino movie Could the enfant prodige be the Real Madrid's savior?

First frame: São Gonçalo, Brazil, 2000. Between wireless phones and mp3 players, the dawn of the new millennium brings with it many innovations. And in a torrid, green and golden summer, in the general indifference, one of them is destined to make people talk about him. On July 12 was born Vinicius, who immediately began his adventure in the world with a movie name. To say: if one of the protagonists of Pulp Fiction would have been called Vinicius Jr no one would have had anything to say. He would have been the perfect Marsellus Wallace’s son. They sound very well together. Vinicius and Marsellus. That of the new Real Madrid striker, by the way, seems a lot a pulp fiction. With a few hints of splatter.



Chapter I: Vinicius Dogs

The history of Vinicius starts from the bottom, from the common things, from the people. But then it suddenly rises, it becomes exceptional. The young Brazilian skips every known step: he grew up in the youth of Flamengo, Vincius has always played with boys of one or two superior categories, being decisive. Also the Seleçao has had the opportunity to appreciate the qualities of the 2000 born boy, who with the shirt of Brazil has (already) won a South American U17 Championship in 2017. Being elected best player of the tournament. And with the best scorer prize in the pocket (7 goals in 8 games). To explain what kind of player Vinicius is, and also to explain why Real Madrid has decided to invest 45 million on a seventeen-year-old, a couple of actions may be sufficient. That certainly is not enough to describe the monstrous technique of this young talent, but they tell a sublime quality. Small film clippings, a pulp poster of a future player. 



  • Classic Vinicius: 

On March, 14th 2018 Flamengo tackled Emelec in Copa Libertadores. The result is 1-0, his team is behind and then Vinicius presses play, with Little Green Bag in the background, puts on the Reservoir Dogs Ray Ban and shreds what remains of the opposing defense. One bite after another, hungry for field. Dribbling out of category and goal too easily. 


  • The art of dying with style:



Juggler half Neymar and half dead, Vinicius often jokes with opponents so much to increase dramatically the murderous instinct of his direct marker. The 2000 class is hated because it is strong, and in the South American championship U17 becomes the target of a manhunt that he eludes simply by making lobs, as on this occasion against Paraguay. Very much irritating and close to death.


  • GIF bonus: in this case you can clearly hear You Never Can Tell by Chuch Berry. This is most likely the moment Vinicius learned of the actual agreement with Real Madrid.


Vinicius, thanks to his out of the world performance, is soon labeled as one of the most promising young players in international football. And if you're one of the most promising young players in international football, you have to expect a call from Real Madrid. The Blancos pay out 45 million to insure it in 2017, they leave him a year at Flamengo because it is forbidden to register players under 18 from Brazil (a similar thing happened with Pato at Milan, for example), then they decide to take him to Spain in the first good chance. Arriving this summer: on July 20th, Vinicius was officially presented as a new Real Madrid player.


Chapter II: Kill Vinicius

Real Madrid is an intelligent society. Florentino Perez had already understood this: Vinicius is really strong, and initially everyone will try to kill him. The solution was soon found by Lopetegui: player sent to team B to get his bones, trying at the same time not to break them. The problem, however, is that Vinicus has split the third division of the Spanish league in two with the Castilla shirt. The former Flamengo belongs to a different category: in the field it seems to see Messi playing against the national singers, and it is normal that Paolo Belli on duty may struggle to keep up with the Argentine. In the same way, more or less, the opponents that struggled with it in the first three days of the championship have found themselves having to deal with Vinicius. The 2000 born player made his debut against Las Palmas B and it's not like it showed anyone. Apart from an absurd dribbling, from instigation to murder.

Sprints of Vinicius against Las Palmas, true Vinicius in Madrid derby. Yes, the one against Atletico B. Yes, one of the most important games for young people from Madrid. The former Flamengo has decided to record his way, scoring a trivial double.

On the occasion of the first goal, Vinicius seems to go at twice the speed compared to all his colleagues. He does things that are apparently very easy with a disarming simplicity. Then, aware that in any case that was always a way to attract the eyes of eleven colchoneri killers on himself, he laid down on the ground and started shooting.

On the second net occasion, instead, Vinicius collects a ball at the edge of the opponent's area and discharges him under the cross without too many worries. At that point he is surrounded by his companions, who are not stupid and want to avoid seeing him dead, given how strong he is. All efforts, however, are in vain: someone still manages to set up an attack.

The defender Tachi, in fact, first tries to shatter him with a hard intervention, then decides to bite him in the head. Half-brawl in the field, Real Madrid alarmed: this Vinicius, if he continues like this, could be murdered. Better to keep it hidden? He, in doubt, in the next game scored again. Directly from free kick. After having "stolen" it from Javi Sanchez, captain of Real Madrid B. Vinicius scores, then runs to embrace his robbed boyfriend: certainly the boy does not lack personality.



Chapter III: The hateful Vinicius

The splatter scene of the bite on the head (combined with the superior technique of Vinicius and the attached risk-murder in the third division) may have convinced Real Madrid to withdraw its jewel from the window of Castilla. We are talking about different solutions at the moment: one of these also leads to the new Valladolid of Ronaldo, to which Vinicius would arrive on loan. Same speech (loan) for his hypothetical return to Flamengo from January onwards, with more freedom of action and familiarity with the field. And then some other small Spanish, all lined up for a hypothetical six-month shot in the January market window. To fix the hateful / hated Vinicius, there are also a couple of internal solutions: after having asked their Mr Wolf (Guti seems the most suitable for the role, so let's do it: imagine Guti), Real Madrid he could decide to partially keep Vinicius safe and let him play only the internal challenges with the Castilla, avoiding dangerous transfers. He, meanwhile, in training takes example from the big ones (like Bale, a random name) and turns over. And then the question that accompanies the second hypothesis arises: in the light of what Vinicius has shown up to now, is it really so early to join him in the first team?


No not at all. And in fact Lopetegui on September 23 decided to convene him for the match against Espanyol, but then left him in the stands. A rejection? A precaution? The need to spend a period of time from Pai Mei to train better?



Controversy subsided only a week later, with Vinicius Jr summoned on the occasion of the derby. Yes, that of Madrid. Yes, the same during which he had received a bite a few weeks before. And finally, three months after his arrival, Vinicius Jr has finally made his debut in Liga with the shirt of Real Madrid: he replaced Benzema two minutes from the end, even if the Brazilian has not had time to show off the his qualities. But this was just the trailer for a film that seems to be coming out soon, in one room or the other. A film, however, already blockbuster, at least for Flamengo, while the hype around Vinicius continues to grow. And the first personalized gadgets such as this cult item, which certainly can not be missing in your collection, are also popping up. To be placed carefully next to the special pulp edition of Pulp Fiction:

The career of Vinicius, at this point evidently written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, in the short future could therefore take different folds. Real Madrid could aggregate it permanently in the first team, or decide to send it on loan. Certainly it is difficult to come back again in the third division: if he were to stage such things again, Vinicius' short career could take (again) splatter repeats.