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Red Star F.C. presents a lookbook

Parisian vibe

Red Star F.C. presents a lookbook Parisian vibe

It's undoubtedly one of our favorite teams but above all one of the coolest reality on the French scene, and not only: we are talking about Red Star FC, the Parisian team that returned to Ligue 2 last summer (even if they aren't able to go back from the low positions) and after the 2017/2018 collection they has collaborated again with Vice to sponsor his shirts, produced by adidas. Now the team of the capital suburbs has decided to unveil the jerseys for the 2018/2019 season, quite similar to those of last season (the first is green and the second is white), and decided to do it by making a real lookbook called 'Anomalie Celeste', just like the most popular brands do. Involving a series of medium-small protagonists of the French scene, obviously linked to the club, including actors, models, rappers and influencers (Dani, Sofian Khammes, Enzo, Triplego, Momo Les Cheveux Courts e many more). The result is a wonderful collection of pics that has contributed, if still needed, to increase the appeal and image of the club, which once again wanted to emphasize its essence of 'antisubstance of football', especially in contrast to the rich PSG.