It’s been a few days since when Juventus and Real Madrid have completed what has been called by everyone as “The Signing of the Century”. In fact, Cristiano Ronaldo will be a Juventus player - if can’t live with that, you’re not alone - and it was inevitable that a transfer like that produced heavy repercussions on the Turin-based club and the whole Italian system.

Of course, the first symptoms of the Ronaldo Effect affected the Old Lady, in a good way, that since CR7’s announcement has been catapulted in a hurricane that only a footballer like the Portuguese can bring. We tried to make a provisional list of the benefits that Cristiano’s signing brought for Juve in the last 48 hours, just imagine which one will come in the next months.

The Ronaldo Effect

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  1. + 1,4 million followers on Instagram (11,4M total)
  2. + 1.2 million followers on Twitter (6,2M total)
  3. +500K followers on Facebook (33M total)
  4. The valuation of the incomes from the season tickets sale grew to 33 million euros, instead of the 25,7 of the last season. It’s due to the increase of the Stadium tickets’ prices, that thanks to CR7 will be drained.
  5. It seems like Juventus is selling a Ronaldo jersey every 48 seconds. Some unofficial numbers say that more than 7 million people visited the official Bianconeri store, that was offline for hours. You can buy one here.
  6. Even if it’s not true - as somebody said - that this will help Juventus repaying Ronaldo’s signing, after the announcement of the Portuguese deal Juventus’ stocks raised by +5,77%, reaching their maximum value in 2018.