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Real Madrid is dominating the World Cup

'Cause maybe four Champions League are not enough

Real Madrid is dominating the World Cup 'Cause maybe four Champions League are not enough

World Cup football is very different from club football. It's a quite obvious statement for who is practical with The Beautiful Game but since during World Cup even my aunt is watching Messi and Neymar, it is important to put everyone on the same page. There are several reasons out there but on the top of the list, there are 1. the lack of tactical preparation of the team due to the short preparation 2. the enormous pressure of the World Cup stage. It becomes quite self-explanatory why teams that are betting high on the tactical organization are not going well in the WC: Peru - the guilty pleasure of every hipster-football-lover - has sunk in two rounds, Jorge Sampaoli as completely failed is a great plan of making Argentina play football again. To win a World Cup you need those kinds of players that could control a game both mentally and technically, and at the right moment kill the game. 
It's not really surprising that the leaders of the teams that are performing well in these World Cup during the year wear the camiseta blanca of Real Madrid, the team that won four Champions League in a row.



We are going to dribble for a moment the elephant in the room (CRISTIANO RONALDO!) and let's talk about Luka Modric. Croatia is the only team (at this moment) to pass the full-scale group with a very effective game, made of a few ideas but very clear and well executed. To orchestrate a team of MMA wrestlers, there is 66 kg of Zadar's boyfriend. Modric is the director of the game of Croatia, a midfielder who decides the pace at which the ball travels and the speed at which to run Rebic, Mandzukic, and Perisic. For now with a fair success.



The second man on the list before tackling the elephant is Modric's colleague, Toni Kroos. To be completely honest this article was thought of before the resounding defeat with Germany with Korea and after the 92nd penalty against Sweden. In the surprising German disaster, Kroos has nonetheless distinguished himself as the only player of the German national team to have the numbers to solve a match alone.



In an article about Real Madrid, it is impossible to avoid naming his captain. Sergio Ramos is slowly becoming one of the most hated players in Europe for his cleverness in being able to hurt opponents without making a foul and for his Spanish bully air. But even in Spain, despite the competition of that other funny guy by Gerard Piqué, it is he who governs the defense. Another player who is emerging at high levels and as the reference of the French defense - the least beaten of the World Cup - is Raphaël Varane. Among the things you wanna know about the French defender there is his interest in macroeconomics and sociology theory, Keynes and Durkheim are its favorite authors.



We almost arrived there just be a little more patience, 'cause we need to talk about the two Brazilians. Marcelo and Casemiro are not the most credible stars of the Seleçao of the last four before them there are Coutinho, Neymar, Firmino and Willian. However, they are the two men who bring balance to a team always on the verge of tactical and psychological drama. Casemiro is practically abandoned in midfield to distribute blows alone (a role that evidently exalts him from birth), while Marcelo in his blatant mental imbalance is the only player able to bring the calm technique in the field.


Ok, we finally arrived here. The big Elephant in the room: Cristiano Ronaldo. I believe that a paragraph is a little restraining to describe the enormous control and almighty power of Cristiano wearing the Portugal shirt. This gif is quite enough.