Today, in Milanello, the #ACMSocialDay took place, a meeting that the renewed AC Milan wanted to hold with the workmen to present the new social strategies of the management, which interconnects itself to the new way to express football, stepping more and more by social media. The day started with a visit to the Museo del Milan, surrounded by the hundreds of trophies which once belonged to Silvio Berlusconi, among legendary players’ shirts, Ballon d’Ors, and memories that will last forever. A good auspice for the Milan to come. Milan that will involve one of the heroes of the previous era, Christian Abbiati, which was presented in his new role of Club Manager. With irony (I’m not very used to social media, I only use Whatsapp; Perin, Neto? The club, alongside with the manager, will be able to find the right choice. They all are good goalkeepers, but if you want I’ve 10 minutes…), amarcord (“I don’t miss the field as a player, but I miss Milan as a family), and a glimpse at the future (Plizzari is getting better and better, he can become a great player), Abbiati introduced himself to the workforce, with Fassone on his side, who remembered to open the door again for Gigio Donnarumma, the hottest case of the summer for the Rossoneri. Here’s a reportage of the day.


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