For the fourth year straight Cristiano Ronaldo is on the top of the list of the most paid football players. The reigning Ballon D’Or in fact, even this is year is the first name on the list made by Forbes and that tell us the richest football player on the Earth. The total income of Ronaldo is of 90million dollars, of which one third come directly from the salary and bonus. The second in the list is Leo Messi, who earns 80 millions.

There is a huge gap among the first two and the third one, Neymar, who total income stops at 37 millions. Bale and Ibra complete the top five. The total list is nothing but a confirm of the incredible economic power of Liga and Premier, with some little interferences of PSG and some China team.

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The only Italian in this list in fact is Graziano Pelle, who is present – together with Hulk – in the Forbes top 21, while there is no player from Serie A or Bundesliga.

It is interesting enough to note that, according to Forbes, Ronaldo would be the most player sports-person in the world, given that is salary is, for example, almost the double of the one of LeBron James.

You can read here the full list.