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Do you want a "Boban" mug?

By Proper Mag

Do you want a Boban mug?  By Proper Mag

Thinking about Zvonomir Boban we basically figure him out wearing Milan shirt, with his iced and deep gaze. But Boban is remembered as a hero in his homeland as well, another time Deadpool: we are talking about his famous spinning kick against a Jugoslavian federal policeman who was striking with his cosh on a Croatian supporter. We are in that famous – and terrifying – match between Dinamo Zagabria and Stella Rossa. The match didn’t start at all due to the conflict in Maksimir, the biggest stadium in Zagabria.

Proper Mag – so gorgeous – thought how much a character as Boban could be so inspiring. Starting from a never boring assonance (Mag – Magazine – and Mug are read in same way), they created two mugs too much symbolic. The first one is a patriotic symbol, with this number 10 so clear, just remembering how Boban was great as midfielder, those kinds of eighties and nineties midfielders who redefined the midfielder role.

Perfectly described in this Japanese video:


The second one symbolizes the link between Boban and Italy. His past as Milan player, his (and its) glorious age.

But the greatest design choice, the proper mag creative jump, is definitely how they change historical sportswear brand – those kinds of brands that bring us to a past age, during challenging and epic matches. They make it funny but even so logical with the product. For example, from “Lotto” to “Latte”.

What else?