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Quick reminder: supporters are truly wear teams next year

All the best kit designs from the adidas Creator Studio

Quick reminder: supporters are truly wear teams next year All the best kit designs from the adidas Creator Studio

Every summer the new football kits are introduced to the supporters and media. And every summer, someone is unhappy with the stylistic choices of their technical suppliers. But adidas saw that coming and thought that prevent was better than cure. At the end of the summer, the german brand launched Creator Studio, an online portal in which supporter could upload their ideas and designs for their teams’ third kits for 17/18.

The contest was open for supporters of Flamengo, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Milan and Manchester United, all the three stripes’ top partner. Every team had a template, yellow and blue for Flamengo, dark green for Juventus, turquoise for Real Madrid and so on. Recently adidas published every team’s top 100 and so we decided to choose the best kits so far.


Among all other clubs, the Brazilian one is one of the less famous but still with fascinating stylistic choices by the fans. Starting with a yellow and blue shirt, we loved a classic design, with the club logo in the background, one more exotic with a South-American-y pattern and a futuristic one, more fitted for FIFA than a football pitch. 


The Italian champions had an unusual template, with dark green shirt with black inserts. Among all the designs, many realized by Italians, we loved the two horizontal stripes on the chest, the zebra variant and the camouflage.


Manchester United

United fans have decided: less Red and more Devils. The best designs so far have United’s symbols on them, both with horizontal stripes. And because the internet it’s a wonderful place, there’s also one with a raccoon in the sleeves.


Bayern Munich

For sure, the team with the best designs so far. The german side has three lovely shirts, one in red and white with the city skyline in the middle, one with a roaring lion and another more futuristic but still very fascinating. All very unusual, but this may be a good thing for the Bavarian team.


Real Madrid

Nothing really interesting from the Spanish supporters, which take the immaculate style from the first kit ant put it on the third, but with turquoise. Just a very nice shirt with the pattern of a galaxy (as the Galaticós) and nothing more.



With a black and red base, as usual, designers had some great thoughts about this shirt. The first has vertical stripes, with the Duomo silhouette in the middle. The second has a Scottish-y pattern with white, red and black. nss factory is also in this special list, with a flames shirt. A guaranteed success.