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The worst kit clashes in football history

Not only AC Milan and FC Inter were guilty

The worst kit clashes in football history Not only AC Milan and FC Inter were guilty

The match between Milan and Inter has been a beautiful derby, very emotional, with the two teams showing all their skills. However there has been a little problem: from the stadium, as well as from the tv, it was almost impossible to distinguish Inter and Milan's players. The home jersey that adidas and Nike have sewn on to the two Milanese teams are, in fact, both very dark, and the choice of the shorts (white for the Inter and black for the Milan) didn't help the original football fans, who are used to see the Rossoneri complete their uniform with white shorts, contrarily of the Inter, a black shorts habitué.

Despite the anger of the fans and the irony of Twitter, it is not the first time that the choice of the uniforms has produced what is defined as a "kit clash", whose exact definition keeps on discussing (there is here an interesting examination). The most resounding case is that happened in 2012 between Manchester City and Besiktas, when during a friendly match, both the teams decided to wear uniforms in red.

Less serious, even though inexplicable, was the clash between Arsenal and Watford of last August, where the second uniform of the Arsenal – full of yellow inserts – really didn't match with the historical colours of the Hornets.

The problem was far more serious when the televisions only transmitted in black and white. A not clear distinction, even though evident in field, could force the tv speaker to say something like: "For those of you watching in black and white, Spurs macaws in the all-yellow strip." A chaos that became even more delirious with the rules of the FA Cup, that toward the end of the years '60 forced all to dress the away uniforms causing enormous damages as this:

According to rule, it is the referee who must approve the game uniforms. In some cases, this has not happened. The most famous is the one of 1997, in which Chelsea went to Coventry only with the blue uniform. According to the referee that was a "kit clash", and the Blues were forced to play with the second uniform of the Coventry, having care to darken the badge with some scotch.

That was not necessary between Burnley and Crystal Palace. According to Kevin Stroud, referee of the match, none of the two uniforms of the Burnley was right, so that both the teams played with the uniforms of the Crystal Palace, without really thrilling results.

The Series A it is not new to this kind of problems: Juventus - Cagliari of last September has not properly been a praise of the difference, despite any color matches directly.