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NBA's top 8 hipster teams

nss – new sports side

NBA's top 8 hipster teams  nss – new sports side

In case you missed it, NBA has lately become a league full of fashion victims. From the Drafts' young players to the columns of the NBA, also passing through the exemption. But is not everything lost, however, because fortunately some unconventional icons still survive. Inspired by this recent article of The Ringer, we have tried to put together a list of the more hipster teams of the National Basketball Association. 


#1: Milwaukee Bucks

Well, now we are in front of the apotheosis of the hipster philosophy applied to the NBA. A young and talented team, but that won't win anything. A city where you don't want to live, but an exemption that made a beautiful job with its logo and uniform. And then Giannis Antetokounmpo, a freak that perfectly embodies the nonconformist spirit of the team.


#2: Indian Pacers

Very few fascinating and aware of being it, the Pacers underlines their "blue collar, gold swagger" nature. Like saying: we are workers, we don’t care about that hipster stuff. In the meantime, however, they wear Hoosiers shirt and they play with one of the MVP candidates of the next years, Paul George 13. Nothing more hipster than that.


#3: Brooklyn Nets

Ok, having Jay-Z as the face of the team should disqualify the Nets from this particular classification, but: is there something more nonconformist than to try to be in rivalry against the Knicks, aka coolest team for excellence? Add to it an Asian-American who came out of Harvard and plays in NBA, add the Nets' retro minimal uniforms and the fact that Williamsburg is in Brooklyn, and the deed's done.


#EasyChoice: Cleveland Cavaliers

Obviously, the Cavs are too mainstreams to be hipsters, but at the same time they have some players that cannot be ignored. And despite the bulky presence - in all the senses - of King James, the various JRs, Birdman and Shumpert always succeed in being annoyingly fluorescent.




#1: Oklahoma City Thunder 

Probably OKC would also have been to the number one in this rank without the departure of Kevin Durant, but after what has happened in the summer the head is inevitable. There are three main issues: Russell Westbrook, Russell Westbrook and Russell Westbrook.


#2: Minnesota Timberwolves

Do we have really to explain it? Zach Lavine enchants the arenas – and the slam dunk contest – with dizzying dunks, Karl-Anthony Towns is already one of the covers athletes of NBA 2K17, Ricky Rubio is the hipster PG for excellence. 


#3: Denver Nuggets

Just two words: vintage jersey. Try to google it, along with the name of the Denver Nuggets and you will be bombarded by a tide of blue, white and bands rainbow. The Nuggets are known to be basically mountaineers and they answer to this issue with two printed picks in beautiful sight on the sweater.


#EasyChoice: Golden City Warriors 

GSW was not very hipster in the first part of the last season – a boring 73-9 victories record, victories and still victories – but better in the end, when they are made to reassemble themselves  from 3-1 in the NBAs Finals. Despite everything, the Warriors don't betray the nonconformist mind of the Bay Area and they want to be even stronger than anybody. And, in fact, they added KD.