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Leicester City 5 Best Kits Ever

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Leicester City 5 Best Kits Ever  New Sport Side

A few days before the first match, which could have given the Leicester City its first Premier League in history, the official team store had run out of shirts. Also the Thai store was empty, while on the official website you could only buy a pair of blue socks. The Leicester-mania broke out for a while, but no one would ever expect to more than triple the revenues from the sale of the kits compared to last year.

The Leicester represents one of the most beautiful stories of the past (at least) 20 years of football, a tale about a sixty year old coach finally come to win a trophy. A story that speaks of Vardy and Mahrez, of the first Jamaican captain to win a Premier and many other things. But also it speaks of a jersey, that of the Foxes, destined to become legend. A legend marked not only by the iconic Puma shirt, but by a lot of kits Leicester fans were able to buy during their years of militancy.

We picked the five most important (and beautiful) jerseys of the history of Leicester City FC.



In 1976 the fans of Leicester have witnessed a real revolution. For the first time in the club history in fact, the name (and logo) of a brand appeared on the team's jersey. It was the Admiral, local company that would have soon become very important, that in those years was trying to stretch its hands on English football. The uniform is very stilish, and presents a white jersey circle around the arms which featured the Admiral logo. It is also the first time for a massive marketing campaign, which has involved the whole city, between promises and scandals.



If you ask a fan - born in the late '70s - of Leicester which is, even today, his favourite sweater, he will probably answer the one of 1983/84. In its favour in fact, that uniform can advance several arguments. First of all, it was the jersey of the centenary in 1984, historically a very important event. Then, it was the jersey worn by Gary Lineker, perhaps the most famous player in the history of the Foxes, but above all the split of 1984 was incredibly beautiful. Designed by the Admiral, it was a truly unique uniform, with white horizontal lines (the only time that Leicester has delegated to the total blue) and a V-neck white with two small blue stripes inside. The shirt of 1984 was also the one that carried the Leicester in the modern era, made of sponsors (Ind Cooper was just the first) and a new crest that will accompany the team for over 10 years.



Not even 12 months ago the most popular, as well as the latest standings, Leicester jersey had been the one in 2000, the year that, captained by Matt Eliott, the Foxes won the League Cap, wearing a uniform of the... Fox Leisure. If you try to search for Fox Leisure images on Google, 90% of the search results will be Leicester shirts. And even the logo actually looks close to that of Leicester. There is a why. Fox Leisure is actually a brand of the own team, which after having done a big advertising, began to operate in other areas. The shirt, in a  "truly foxes" blue, bore the obvious stylistic signs of the end of the 90s, and then elastic cuffs and collar and very loose fit.



During its stylistic history, Leicester closed technical sponsorship agreements with half of the world. The Australian Scoreline, the Spanish Joma, up to the German Puma, through British Umbro, JJB. The first five-year period of 2000 (the beginning also coincided with the arrival of Roberto Mancini, who nevertheless played only 4 clips from games) has been marked by a beautiful collaboration with Le Coq Sportif. The French brand introduced the first significant change in 2003, when the team led by Izzet played with a blue uniform on blue novel, with a V collar inspired by that of '84 in a shiny material that, combined with the sponsor of LG, gave it a nice mix of vintage and future.



The fifth year (the next) of partnership between Puma and Leicester will be very difficult to forget. Among the fans, some believe that it will be the old jersey that deserve to get down in history, for others the thrill of seeing the jersey of the commemorative Premiere League patch (which from next year will be completely new, and golden) or the shirt parading in the Champions League, will be stronger than the victory itself. In fact, the jersey was presented during the last game celebration at home, and is a darker shade of blue as soon as the previous one, with horizontal patterns tone on tone. It will be well matched with golden inserts, which give it a very classic style.