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Here we go

Do the right thing

Here we go Do the right thing

Here we go, a new NBA season is almost upon us, it starts next week and the questions are more than one. What interested us most certainly Italian for performance that our Azzurri will be able to provide overseas, but the points are a lot to quibble: Rose finally back? And How?It looks good. Kobe comes back? Who can stop the Heat Legacy? The Beard with Superman can really make a difference? What season awaits OKC and the San Antonio Spurs?


There are what we might call "extra-parquet questions" such as: who will buy the jersey with short sleeves Clippers and Warriors? The final consecration of Jeremy Lin in Houston will bring more and more journalists and Asian fans in Texas, now in all honesty: an Asian in Texas? Come on.


Then there will be the usual exciting race "to those who lose more" made to grab the best possible location to the next Draft, what will star Andrew Wiggins, born 1995 and future clone of LBJ, so that for him it was already invented the concept of "Riggin for Wiggins," and the Utah Jazz were placed on a roster where Hanamichi Sakuragi would be the go-to-guy.

We leave you in the hope of another exciting NBA season, that makes us relive the same excitement than the last, here is maybe just a couple of things could be avoided and I will point out below (maybe someone reads them):


1. Do not invite Justin Bieber to the game of VIP during the All Star Weekend.


2. Remove to Jay-Z permission to do as an agent for the players. It is already too many things in America.


3. Put a pair of lenses (also plastic), the glasses to Westbrook.

4. Making One moment more interesting and competitive All-Star Game, even giving away a dinner or a shooting with Emily Ratajkowski.


5. Even if you do not win the title this year in Durant (and maybe he wins the LBJ) then find an analyst better than Michael in GTA, for the number 35 of OKC.