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The WWE lands on Netflix

A ten year 5 billion-dollar deal starting in 2025

The WWE lands on Netflix A ten year 5 billion-dollar deal starting in 2025

It's a moment of great change for WWE: the company has just signed a decade-long deal with Netflix, to which it will transfer the television rights for broadcasting Raw, the television program born in 1993. The cost of the operation is around $5 billion and will last for a decade. Moreover, at the end of the contract, Netflix will also have the option to extend the relationship with WWE for another ten years. The streaming of Raw on Netflix will start from January 2025 and represents another revolutionary decision for the world of WWE and wrestling. Recently, chairman Vince McMahon sold 51% of the company to Endeavor Group Holdings, already the owner of UFC, and the merger between the two companies gave rise to TKO, a group that manages both divisions. Television wrestling is experiencing a particularly happy period, thanks to the introduction of new superstars and new formats, and could benefit in no small part from a new broadcasting channel.

However, the most important aspect of this news concerns Netflix's attempt to enter the live streaming sector. Following in the footsteps of competitor Amazon Prime Video, the giant founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph will also host a sports event. It is a "first time" for WWE as well, as it had never before opted for a broadcaster falling into the Over The Top category. Raw will be available on Netflix in the United States, Canada, Latin America, and other international markets at the end of the internal agreement of Wwh, owned by TKO Group, with Comcast. While waiting to find out if Italy and other European countries will have the opportunity to enjoy the sport on Netflix, the streaming platform is set to revolutionize its proposition, after a six-month period of great growth thanks to the decision to block multiple accounts. Along with the 18 nominations for the upcoming Oscars, the arrival of WWE will ensure a new boost to the advertising plan introduced last year.