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The new Como jersey inspired by the lake

Designed by artist Golnaz Jabelli, it will be maintained for at least two seasons

The new Como jersey inspired by the lake  Designed by artist Golnaz Jabelli, it will be maintained for at least two seasons

With the official arrival of Cesc Fabregas at Giacomo Gattuso's court, Como also took the opportunity to unveil its new shirt signed by Erreà and designed by Golnaz Jabelli, stylist of the Didit Hediprasetyo brand. For his first year with the team that lives and plays next to the lake, Jabelli and Erreà created a design inspired by the tranquillity and serenity of the lake, transferring the variety of water texture and the strength and structural compactness of marble onto the kit to convey a sense of intense energy. That's not all, before fans can buy the new jersey, the club will put the lithographs of the painting on sale and all proceeds will go to a series of social projects for the city. 

To give Como fans an extra boost, the club has promised to keep the same kit for at least two sporting seasons, with the ultimate goal of having the same design for five years. An important choice, and one that goes against the now constant stream of new kits being manufactured at every possible moment using any excuse. Like Brentford, Como made this important decision with both their fans and the environment in mind. 

"Football kits and merchandising have become a considerable source of income for teams all over the world, but at the same time they can be a burden for parents whose children expect to wear the latest model every year. We want to make sure that this does not happen with our fans. We firmly believe that rebuilding the club should help the local community to thrive. This initiative is a small step towards building a lasting and hopefully fruitful relationship between us and the people of Como,' said Mirwan Suwarso, the official representative of the ownership.

Not only art and sustainability, as mentioned above, the jersey was designed by brand designer Didit Hediprasetyo, under the careful direction of Erreà. An unusual but absolutely far-sighted choice that of the italian club, which reminds us once again - should there be any need - of the indissoluble link between football and fashion, which has been created in recent years and is now on the rise, as demonstrated by runaway all over the world and recent trends on social media. A confirmation of the fact that once again the new season will not only be exciting from a sporting point of view, there are in fact many selections that have stood out with their new aesthetics, surprising everyone and everything. And who knows if now President Dennis Wise's team will be able to keep expectations high on the pitch as well as stylistically, by achieving the promotion to the top division that has been missing for twenty years.