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There is a problem with Cameroon's jerseys for the World Cup in Qatar

A dispute destined to end up in court between Cameroon, ONE ALL SPORTS and Le Coq Sportif

There is a problem with Cameroon's jerseys for the World Cup in Qatar A dispute destined to end up in court between Cameroon, ONE ALL SPORTS and Le Coq Sportif

UPDATE 8/11/2022: With just under two weeks to go until the start of the World Cup in Qatar, there is still a veil of mystery surrounding the jerseys that the Cameroon national team will wear. A few months ago, Samuel Eto'o, president of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT), unilaterally terminated his contract with Le Coq Sportif and then signed with ONE ALL SPORTS. The latter officially presented a few days ago the three jerseys with which, in theory, the national team will take the field. But just as the new technical sponsor was presenting the jerseys, the court in Paris decided that the termination with Le Coq Sportif is invalid, creating nothing but confusion.   

"The court ordered the continuation of the relationship between Le Coq Sportif International and the Cameroon Football Federation as per the contract concluded on 10 January 2020, with the duration of the contract extending until 31 December 2023."


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It is unclear now what will happen and what the African national team will be up against if it decides to take the field with the new sponsor's jerseys anyway. No reply has yet come from Le Coq Sportif and of course it is not yet known whether the French brand has made new jerseys for the World Cup.

"The president of FECAFOOT intends to explore as soon as possible the possibilities of a new and better partnership with an equipment manufacturer that is respectful of its commitments and proud to associate its image with the label of the Cameroon national football teams." With these words, this weekend, Samuel Eto'o, who currently holds the position of president of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) officially confirmed the termination of the relationship between Le Coq Sportif and his national team. A decision defined by the brand as unilateral and brutal, a thunderbolt for the French cockerel that had done so well this summer, making a very particular jersey, modern but with a vintage touch. The matter now risks ending up in court, as the brand was already organising to make the jerseys that will be worn in a few months at the World Cup in Qatar.

The response from Le Coq Sportif was obviously not long in coming, and it immediately replied to the famous president with these words: "Le Coq Sportif wishes to express its great surprise and astonishment at the national and international press release issued today by FECAFOOT announcing the termination of its partnership with our brand at the end of the Women's CAN TotalEngergie 2022. This decision taken unilaterally and brutally comes at a time when Le Coq Sportif has fulfilled all its contractual commitments for more than three years by accompanying FECAFOOT from the women's World Cup in 2019 and more recently the first men's team to the CAN 2022. In addition, FECAFOOT has validated the jerseys developed by Le Coq Sportif for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar, equipment approved by FIFA."

Further news is now awaited to see what the aesthetic future will be for the African national team, which has always surprised everyone with its jerseys during its participation in European championships. The most romantic hypothesis is undoubtedly the return of PUMA, which in addition to having accompanied the national team for 20 years, has created jerseys that have remained in history, such as the sleeveless jersey, also worn by the current president of the federation, Samuel Eto'o