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The most beautiful Real Betis jerseys design by Kappa

Starting with those seen during the Copa del Rey celebrations on Sunday

The most beautiful Real Betis jerseys design by Kappa Starting with those seen during the Copa del Rey celebrations on Sunday

It took the penalty kicks, with the decisive one scored by Juan Miranda, to make Joaquin lift the Copa del Rey and the fans of Real Betis explode with joy. Seventeen years after the 2005 victory, the green-black half of Sevilla returns to win the national cup, an unexpected trophy that underlines the excellent season of Pellegrini's team, accompanied by the shirts made by Kappa. The Italian supplier has a long and glorious relationship with the Andalusian club behind it, having returned to design the game kits in 2018 after previously being the technical sponsor from 1995 to 2009

Kappa has signed some of the most iconic and representative jerseys of the Andalusian club, working over the years with their templates on the social colors of Real Betis while keeping intact the proud identity of the club. The green and white vertical stripes remain the heart of the Sevilla team, and Kappa has respected their importance with various jerseys that have underscored the Sevilla team's 100-year tradition. Like the first jersey made in 1995 with the two translucent little men in the green bands and the V-collar with the club's name embroidered to the second one also from the same year, recently repurposed last season as the fourth jersey, which followed the Kombat model very popular in the mid-90s. 

Or the first clean and essential jerseys at the turn of the millennium, with well-defined stripes that continued from the trunk to the sleeve making an angle of 90 degrees, while the second were characterized by the unmistakable Kappa touch of those years with a color blocking very evident following the curves of the body. The Italian company in fact began to create more and more stretch and close-fitting fabrics that were designed to improve the performance of athletes and created an aesthetic made of exaltation of the athletes muscularity on the field. Since 2010 Betis decided to interrupt the relationship with Kappa producing In-House their game jerseys before returning to rely on another Italian company, Macron. 

But as mentioned, Betis and Kappa have a special feeling that has once again backfired in 2018, with the Italian company returning to make kits for the Andalusian club with a first classic green-black and V-neck jersey while for the second one they opted for a deeper green tone and a triangle pattern never seen before on Spanish soil. But it was with the jerseys for the Copa del Rey that Kappa signed his best creations, creating an ideal bridge between the tradition of the stripes and the modernity of a more sophisticated print, which creates a pattern with the names of the players of the team of the white stripes. A jersey that is deeply identifiable, a celebration of the team's soul that resides in the social symbols and the athletes who wear them every game, and that has brought good things to Pellegrini's team. 

The Copa del Rey celebrations, with players choosing to wear the jerseys that have made the history of the club to which they belong, underscore the importance of lifting a trophy for a team unaccustomed to victory that immediately becomes a triumph of all, citizens, fans and players together. Also watching Hector Bellerín raising the trophy, in jeans, Air Force and with the vintage jersey of Wojciech Kowalczyk is impossible not to think of the Bloke Core style, as well as an enthusiasm for their colors difficult to replicate. A victory that, however, as evidenced by the photo of Joaquin naked in the locker room next to the Cup, can also go beyond the game jerseys.