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Salernitana wants to renovate its stadium

New ownership has big plans

Salernitana wants to renovate its stadium New ownership has big plans

We have heard and repeated it many times, in Italy we need new modern and functional facilities and above all without an athletics track, capable of welcoming every fan and enthusiast every day of the week and not just at weekends. And something seems to have been released in the last period, after the projects of Atalanta, Fiorentina, Bologna and Cagliari, Salernitana is now also looking for a new home to welcome its fans. The new owners, led by president Iervolino, after the sporting revolution that began in January, intend to take another big step, moving permanently from the Arechi to play in a new stadium. The big news was given by the Granata manager Maurizio Milan: "We are waiting for the project of the study that we commissioned and that we will show to the municipal administration in a meeting. We have big investments in mind to redesign the stadium with small innovations in the hospitality area to be shown at the match against Torino. We want to make the Arechi modern and up-to-date and we have looked especially at English structures, next week we will present the rendering". According to several rumours, the president would like to redevelop and restructure the Vestuti Stadium, an old and almost abandoned facility that enjoys a great view since it is located next to the sea.

This is not the first time that Salernitana has presented a similar project. Back in 2008, the old club tried to renovate its stadium, but it all came to nothing. The old project was divided into two separate but related and integrated processes, one concerning "the adaptation and expansion of the Arechi Stadium", the other "the construction of a commercial-directional area and services". Now the new ownership wants to try again, despite the relegation that now seems almost inevitable, Iervolino wants to build a solid foundation from which to start and make Salernitana a virtuous club as he had said in one of his first press conferences as president of the amaranth.