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The new upcycle jersey of Pepperoni Seoul x Unwanted FC

The sustainable project "ANABADA" between South Korean and Australian creatives

The new upcycle jersey of Pepperoni Seoul x Unwanted FC The sustainable project ANABADA between South Korean and Australian creatives

The releases of Pepperoni Seoul are non-stop. After presenting "BAAAM Scudetto kit!" with nss sports and Crusty Crab Pizza with Crab.FC, comes the "ANABADA" jersey created with Unwanted FC, an Australian brand specialized in upcycling. The meaning of the word "ANABADA" translates into "Conserve, Share, Exchange, Reuse", a South Korean concept that has been the basis of the movement that since 1997 has as its main objective that of sustainability. In recent years, soccer jerseys have become an important awareness raising tool and the two creative realities point in this direction, just like the big sportswear brands - just think of Nike's "Move to Zero" and adidas "Parley for the Oceans". 

In this new project, the two groups of creatives have created two shirts obviously made with a zero-impact production process - the true mission of Unwanted FC. The uniforms have a 90s style, with red and black colors alternating on the two versions. The number "0" on the back recalls the recycling icon, encouraging the entire world population to recycle and not to increase the dispersion of waste. The details of the jerseys are printed in English and Korean, while the visual references recall Seoul and Brisbane, the operational headquarters of PPRN and Unwanted FC. The lookbook is set in the two cities, with the South Korean part being shot at a traditional flea market in Dongmyo, while Unwanted FC used Bizzell's Garage in Paddington, a suburb of Brisbane, as a set.


The red home version shirt and the black away version are already available on the Pepperoni Seoul website.

Production: Pepperoni Seoul, Unwanted FC
Director: Kevin Chan (AUS)
Design: Yeonhong Kim (KOR)
Model: Yongil Cho (KOR), Montel Salifu (AUS)
Photographer: Hyuntae Ahn (KOR), Damon Whiteley (AUS)