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In NWSL there will be a team called NJ/NY Gotham FC

A team that feels a little bit in New Jersey and a bit of New York

In NWSL there will be a team called NJ/NY Gotham FC  A team that feels a little bit in New Jersey and a bit of New York

In a video on their social media accounts, Sky Blue FC, a National Women Soccer League team, announced the official name change. From today, it will be named NJ/NY Gotham FC. It's not for specific references to Batman and the DC Comics world. In fact, the meaning is much deeper. The female's team is from Piscataway in New Jersey, between the city of New York and New Jersey, and to represent its multiple geographical identity (neither completely New York, nor completely New Jersey), the club decided to rebrand its skin, finding a name that can give it a unique conformity. 

In fact, the team was born as a result of the Sky Blue Soccer project, a project started to promote the development of young footballers in American soccer. Since 2009 she has started playing in the National Women Soccer League, and in 2011, with the creation of the new format, she immediately reached the semifinals, a goal also tied last season. The success of having a solid identity have led the club to an evolution of its brand, which on the one hand doesn't want to lose the local bond with New Jersey, but on the other, wants to feel very close to the cosmopolitan reality of New York. 

So the name NJ/NY Gotham has a more original answer. In fact, given the importance in their sector achieved by the club and a kind of independence from the Sky Blue project, the company's executives decided to break away - at brand level - to carve out their own autonomy. For the title, therefore, the women's team chose the name of the city of Gotham because in the comics, officially, albeit fictional, the metropolis of Batman would be in New Jersey. 
The crest of Gotham FC has a new type of communication. In fact, the new logo is completely different from the previous one in both color and shape. As the American club explains, the colors used for the new crest  are Sky Blue, Gotham Black and Cloud White, which intersect in a vertical figure with a crown on top, that is that of the Statue of Liberty. In fact, the monument with the Lady in the Harbour was elected by fans - through a survey by the club - as club's most identifying emblem, and placed on the crest as a symbol of inclusion and internationality. These are the new values that the club wants to propose. In the center of the logo there are the letters NY, acronym for New York, but thanks to the use of a particular font (semi-digital, but with round strokes) for which the right letter expresses both the Y (for New York) and the J (of New Jersey).