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The Germany away jersey is the best one of Euro 2020 so far?

With an off-the-pitch limited edition that enhances the adidas design even more

The Germany away jersey is the best one of Euro 2020 so far?  With an off-the-pitch limited edition that enhances the adidas design even more

***UPDATE 11/6/2021*** 

Germany has launched a limited edition of the away jersey, the blackout candidate to be the best jersey of the sixteenth edition of the European championship. It will be an exclusively off-the-pitch version and the main difference with the one the German players will wear is mainly in the numbers, not in white but in tone-on-tone black with gray edges. The shirt will be sold and shipped in a packaging designed specifically for this series of jerseys just like the incredible celebratory shirt of the Japanese national team.




More than two months to go until the start of Euro 2020 and adidas has completed the jersey roster that will represent the German brand at the European Championship. The recently released Away models are not particularly exciting, but the case of Germany is different. The Mannschaft, in fact, has a completely alternative travel model compared to the templates designed for the other selections presented by the German brand. Although there are also other interesting models among the adidas travel jerseys - such as, for example, that of Sweden - germany's uniform is among all the most beautiful (and original).

This German away shirt is a complete break with the past. Although there were several jerseys with a predominantly black template - such as the 2004 and 2010 editions - a total black jersey for the German national team had never been seen. The only colors besides black are on the details of the edge of the sleeves (red and yellow), but the adidas logo and the coat of arms of the Deutscher Fußball-Bund are all covered by black. The jersey blackout effect is an elegant and alternative feature at the same time, a shirt that with a similar template can be worn even on extra sports occasions. 

Although it is a complete break with Germany's aesthetic past, similar operations had in fact already been seen in the Bundesliga. PUMA, with Borussia Dortmund, had worked for the 2019-20 season on a celebratory shirt (for the 125 years of the club) entirely black, without other colors, as well as Stuttgart, which in 2018, with Kelme, had presented an anniversary shirt in 2018 always with the total black. But most of all it is with AIK, a Swedish team sponsored by Nike, who have seen all-black models: from the away shirt of last season to that of 2018, Nike has experimented a lot with the Solna club. In general, the time when you have seen total black jerseys are those when the model is either for a special occasion (as in the cases of Stuttgart and bundesliga) or to do experiments - Nike and AIK. With the German away shirt adidas enters the total black club with a model for a national team, and does so for a fundamental event such as Euro 2020. 


With adidas' other second jerseys for 2020, there is no comparison. Compared to Germany, the other travel uniforms are simpler as templates, and it can be seen that, moreover, they are divided into two categories. On the one hand a common template (for Spain and Belgium) and on the other of the all original models - Sweden, Germany, Hungary and Russia. No one has an impactful effect and as original as the German jersey, so, even without having designed fantasies or elaborate details, with the only use of a solid color has surpassed the away models of all the other adidas national teams. Waiting for the presentation of all nike and PUMA uniforms for Euro 2020, so far, Germany's away model is the best.