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Castore will be the next S.S. Lazio sponsor?

The contract with Macron will end in 2022

Castore will be the next S.S. Lazio sponsor? The contract with Macron will end in 2022

S.S. Lazio could change its technical sponsor, moving from the current supplier Macron to the British brand Castore. The Biancocelesti are linked to Macron by a partnership almost ten years and, according to the contract, the relationship between club and brand is expected to expire in 2022. For this reason, according to Calcio e Finanza, the Roman club would be interested in the English brand as an official supplier, so, possibly, it would be the first time in Italian football.


Becoming popular thanks to the presence in the stock of Scottish tennis player Andy Murray (of which the Liverpool brand is a supplier), Castore has started producing jerseys for Rangers Glasgow this year, and from next year will also be a supplier to Wolverhampton and Newcastle United. It's a young brand, with an elegant style - as this year's Rangers kits show - and it's gaining more visibility every year. We had explained its story, started with the idea of two brothers - Phil and Tim Beahon - and which saw the brand achieve a certain reputation in rugby, cricket, tennis (thanks to Andy Murray) also in Formula 1 (he is a partner of McLaren) and, in football, a future is being built with mid-level teams. In this sense, Lazio would be a unique opportunity for Castore to have a good European visibility, considering that the Biancoceleste team, thanks to recent seasons, is playing in continuity between the Europa League and the Champions League; if there are no surprises, Inzaghi's team should also guarantee an international exposure to the English brand next year.

The relationship between Macron and Lazio is one of the most continuous in Serie A and is a link that has contributed to making the Bolognese brand the most present in the top Italian league.