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Juventus collaborates on podcast about racism

A six-month project, with two episodes a month

Juventus collaborates on podcast about racism A six-month project, with two episodes a month

As part of juventus goals activities and projects, Juventus powered (with the production of Under Media) a podcast about racial issues, 'Sulla Razzia'. It has the voices of Nadeesha Uyangoda, freelance author, Nathasha Fernando, professor of media and sociology at the University of Westminster in England, and Maria Mancuso, editor and co-speaker of S/Confini. At the moment, only two episodes have been released (february ones) and can be heard on some of the major audio streaming platforms, such as Apple PodcastSpotify and Google Podcast.

The podcast aims to address the issues of the racial issue in Italy through its main themes, dealing with topics such as BAME, colourism, Fair Skin Privilege, and is conducted by expert voices on this subject, who study and deal with this type of topic. The will, explained on the Juventus website, is precisely to address the theme of racism in Italy by telling it through a new, updated language, with a format designed specifically to correctly and lucidly expose the topics covered in the various episodes. In fact, the focus is on what is the right terminology for certain situations, what forms of language are wrong, and in general, the importance of not falling into certain discriminatory expressions. In fact, the format sees the translation and analysis of twelve words for six months, divided into two 30-minute episodes each month. As the authors explain in the first episode, "Words would be at least twice as many, but in the meantime we start with the first season, and then, who knows".

Juventus are working their presence in off-field social activities, and Juventus Goals is a project of the Juventus club dedicated to this. The podcast 'Sulla Razza' is just one of several Juventus Goals initiatives, such as Gioca con Me, Fair People and Juventus for Special, Un Calcio al Razzismo, activities that are also part of the philosophy of Differences Make the Difference, a path taken by the club within juventus goals. This from Juventus is another of the podcasts that we recommend listening to in addition to others on football, which we talked about a while ago.