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The new TOTY jerseys of FIFA 21

That will dress the best XI of Ultimate Team

The new TOTY jerseys of FIFA 21   That will dress the best XI of Ultimate Team

As every year, FIFA has presented the jerseys that will go to dress the FIFA Ultimate Team of the Year (TOTY), the online tournaments and challenges section of the EA Sports game. The best team of the year was voted by the FIFA community on the videogame's website (more than 10 million votes from 185 different countries), and you could choose from a total of 70 candidates, and the choices included a goalkeeper, four defenders from a set of central defenders and full-backs, three midfielders and three strikers. The new jerseys will be unlockable on FUT.

The jersey is elegant and created entirely by FIFA, so it has no technical sponsors or business partners. In fact, the many XI scattered throughout the uniform, made of gold, while the dominant color of the uniform is blue, stand out on the (simple) pattern. In addition to the XI, always scattered there are also the TOTY logo and the crown - to indicate, precisely, the best of the video game. On the chest, on the left there is the coat of arms that of TOTY, on the right instead the logo of EA Sports. On the neck (V) and on the edges of the arms the shirt has gold trim, while on both sleeves, where there are no small symbols, the symbol of TOTY dominates. EA Sports has also created a white Away version and the pool green door uniform.  

The selection for Team of the Year included some players also from Serie A, including Caputo del Sassuolo and Acerbi of Lazio, but to win the final selection were, as was to be expected, the most important top players in Europe. Fut's top eleven is Manuel Neuer (goalkeeper),  Trent Alexander-Arnold (right-back), Sergio Ramos (right centre back), Virgil van Dijk (left centre back), Alphonso Davies (left-back), Kevin de Bruyne (centre centre), Bruno Fernandes (centre midfielder), Joshua Kimmich (centre right midfielder), Cristiano Ronaldo (left wing), Robert Lewandowski (centre striker) and Mbappé (right wing)