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We have to talk about this Gianni Infantino's outfit

The FIFA President turned the announcement of the Final into a show about himself

We have to talk about this Gianni Infantino's outfit The FIFA President turned the announcement of the Final into a show about himself

On Sunday evening, in a presentation show that also featured Kim Kardashian and Drake, the dates and stadiums where the matches of the highly anticipated 2026 World Cup, organised by the USA, Mexico and Canada, will take place were announced. The undisputed star, however, was Gianni Infantino, or more precisely the suit worn by the FIFA President. A hoodie under a jacket, or a jacket with a hoodie, or a strange mixture of the two. This strange garment in a forgettable sand colour, which looks like something from the top shelf of a Wall Street broker's wardrobe from the 2000s or from the imagination of a costume designer from an Italian-American TV series, is just the latest example of the FIFA President's questionable choice of clothing.

The model, which we discovered thanks to our powerful investigative tools as the Madison hooded blazer by Boggi Milano, reinforced by trousers in the same colour and the ubiquitous white trainers, is indeed a smart-casual nightmare. But above all, the way Infantino wore it, with a white shirt underneath and half-unzipped, made him look even more ridiculous and out of place. His attitude on the sofa while joking with Kevin Hart and even dropping a few raunchy remarks about presenter Jenny Taft was more reminiscent of someone dreaming of hosting a late night show than the head of the world's most important sports federation.

After appearing on the World Cup podium with a pair of white Stan Smiths on his feet bearing the FIFA logo, Infantino continues unabated in his endeavour to refresh the aesthetic profile of the role he is supposed to play, but only manages to raise the bar of fright. And lo and behold, if there is one person whose very existence could define the deep meaning of this now overused term, it is the FIFA President. If, on the one hand, the bonnet resting on the oversized shoulders of his jacket is reminiscent of Palpatine from Star Wars and thus FIFA's work is reminiscent of that of the Death Star, then, on the other hand, the pathetic insistence with which Infantino seeks to accredit himself to a younger, cooler audience signifies for many the end of popular football.

In reality, Infantino goes to great lengths during his presidency to be loved by all. He is the cool president who does not adhere to etiquette and breaks with custom, with the result that nobody can stand him. And his idea of football combines dictatorial regimes and Hollywood superstars without batting an eyelid, posting his conversations with Kim Kardashian or applauding Messi when he wears the bisht. Poppisation at all costs, which seems to be more about Infantino's personal desires than improving the football product and meeting the demands of fans worldwide. You only have to count the IG posts shared between the FIFA World Cup account and Infantino's personal account in the last few hours to get an idea of the cult of personality that has subjugated even the presentation of the World Cup - billed as the greatest of all time - to its mythomania. In the middle of a 3D reconstruction of the MetLife Stadium, where the final of the 2026 World Cup will be held, he announces another success of his presidency. Only he could have dressed better.