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Why does AC Milan still wear the Badge of Honor?

A source of pride, a good omen or an aesthetic element?

Why does AC Milan still wear the Badge of Honor? A source of pride, a good omen or an aesthetic element?

The Badge of Honor (BoH) was introduced at the beginning of the 2000-01 Champions League to celebrate clubs that have an original copy of the Big Ears Cup on their wall - a recognition that only goes to those who win at least five Champions League or wins three in a row. Only six teams fall into this category: Real Madrid (13 CL, 5 consecutive), Bayern Munich (6 CL, 3 consecutive), Liverpool (6 CL), Ajax (4 CL but 3 consecutive), Barcelona (5 CL) and of course AC Milan (7 CL). The Rossoneri successes of the years 1969, 1989, 1990, 1994, 2003 and 2007 guarantee the BoF to Milan, which however uses it everywhere. Unlike their highly decorated colleagues, the Milanese club plays all the games without distinction with the patch on the left sleeve: Serie A, Europa League and Coppa Italia.

To date, there is no real reason or official reason that provided the Rossoneri club. The coat of arms that Milan brings to the pitch at all times is certainly a source of pride, but at the same time there is no reason to show off European triumphs in non-UEFA competitions. The devils do not break any federal rules, because Serie A has no limitations from this point of view. Therefore, Milan are free to match the patch with the Champions League with the number "7" to that of the Europa League and that of Serie A.

It's a tradition - and a mystery at the same time - that has been going on since 2006, when the BoF was still saying "6". As mentioned, other 5 teams have the honor of wearing the same award, but none also exhibit it in national competitions (with the exception of Ajax who also exhibited it for a short period in Eredivise). The Premier League, always very attentive to these details, expressly forbids it to teams.

Interpretations of Milan's choice are different: there are those who argue that the patch motivates players to give their best; there are those who believe that aesthetically the badge gives the shirt a greater value; there are those who think it is only a good omen, dreaming of magical nights in Europe again. The truth is that there is no real explanation for a mysterious choice by a company that is proud and proud of its achievements.