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nss sports went behind the scenes of the shooting with clubbing icon Loco Dice

 Loco Dice X JUVENTUS ICON COLLECTION nss sports went behind the scenes of the shooting with clubbing icon Loco Dice

Juventus continues its cross-cultural journey between the universes of fashion and football. The club has just dropped the newly JUVENTUS ICON COLLECTION: the third drop of the capsule branded by the club logo with a decidedly streetwear-oriented style. The collection - consisting of tees, hoodies and jackets - revisits the 90s style in a college style: central are the color blocking (white, black and orange), the repeated prints and the comfy fits.
To add another cultural layer to this collection - in addition to football and fashion - there is music: the ambassador of the collection is the internationally renowned DJ Loco Dice, a lover of fashion (among the latest collaborations the one with Daily Paper) and obviously Juventus fan.

nss sports went behind the scenes of the shooting of the collection to talk to the deejay about his passion for football, Juventus and the future of post-epidemic clubbing.


When and how did you start to follow football and Juventus?

Probably since I was born… I was already born in a football fanatic family, I remember my uncle was a huge Juve fan and by that time I'd grown up in the era of Michel Platini. And I was living in Germany but spending my summers in Tunisia where my local football club was Club Sportif Sfaxien which had the same colors and the same jersey and they call it the North African Juventus. 

I’m also a Fortuna Düsseldorf fan - the city where I grew up - and I cry and laugh for the team, so Juventus brings me the joy of winning trophies while Fortuna brings the heart attack.

Juve is dominating football on the pitch but also off the pitch. In the last years we witnessed the rebranding, the Icon Collection and also the collaboration with a street brand like Palace. What do you think about the vision Juventus is giving to its brand?

I’m really happy about it, I found it really groundbreaking especially because football is a very squared and old mentality driven business from this point of view. You have to come with ideas to make the club fresh: the Palace collaboration is outstanding and put Juventus in a completely different light out of the classic football gear world. And I think also fans appreciate this. 

With your music and merch you did almost the same thing mixing different styles taping brands for fashion collaborations like Daily Paper.
Do you think cross-culture is the future of creativity?

Yes, we need more of this, but we need them to be very wise and selective. Because mixing up brands isn’t necessarily cool, the story has to fit. I think the reason why i’m sitting here is that my story fits because you have to understand that football is tradition and you cannot break tradition only because you wanna be modern. I look at tradition as realness and authenticity, then people believe it and the people will follow it. 

Realness is something that sticks with football but also with club culture. Is it possible to mix club culture with other universes without exploiting it?

You need to respect it. Football is football, when you take the logo and the mentality and you transform it into something else which could be music fashion or anything else as long as you follow the path of being authentic and being real you create something. It might look weird in the beginning but when people try to follow the story they will be able to find the red line till the solid foundation of the club, in this case Juventus. 


Clubs are one of the most damaged businesses by the pandemic and the lockdowns. How do you think clubbing will get through this moment?

It’s now very important that people realize that there are no clubs. A lot of people are still living in a bubble thinking “oh next summer is going to be everything ok”, they are not thinking it could be different. It’s important to support the culture that you like and that inspires you, right now in the form of spreading awareness through social media. We gotta spread positivity, hope and another thing I have to add is that we always been fighting for our rights, club culture was always laying in a shady light and not everyone was happy with what club culture brings because it’s freedom, and we need to keep this energy and attitude avoiding to get nostalgic about the past times. 

To be how will be the future it’s impossible, we need to go with the flow.


How did you live the lockdown on a personal level?

I was on my vacation anyway, but it was a shock. First you had to digest and I have to be honest with you, I had my good moments and my bad moments. I went through a lot of hard times because when you are a free person and someone takes away your freedom, something happens in your body, me personally I live with the energy of the people, I need to feel it to create something. I was feeling empty and weird but then I caught myself fighting again, so I registered a lot of tracks, founded a new label, made a lot of remixes, I did a show on Instagram, a new merch line. So the bottom line is I’m working more now than ever before!
I hope lockdown was a moment to think about life for everyone as it was for me.

The JUVENTUS ICON COLLECTION is available on Juventus' online store