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The bucolic style of David Beckham

On social media the trendsetter is increasingly a country chic icon

The bucolic style of David Beckham On social media the trendsetter is increasingly a country chic icon
Being a trendsetter in 2020 is difficult. Being a trendsetter since 1992 is almost impossible. Yet at 45, David Beckham is still an unrivaled style icon. The way Becks is able to influence the world of fashion is out of the ordinary: whether you pose with a Ralph Lauren dress, with an adidas outfit or with a casual H&M outfit, the result is always incredibly the same.
The countryside essence visible on social networks during long walks in his immense estate - different from that of Beckhingham Palace, sold several years ago - gives Becks a different shade from the casual outfits he wears during the week at Inter Miami CF Stadium or outfits which he wore with the usual elegance in the Royal Box of Central Court during Wimbledon tournament. The country chic approach makes Beckham a rural gentleman, even if he breaks everything with adidas Stan Smith. Stick and flat cap - in perfect Thomas Shelby's style - transport Beckham back in time, with colors that belong to the rural aesthetics of England in the 1920s.
The style of the former midfielder of United, Milan, Real Madrid, PSG and Galaxy which more generally recalls the designs of the latest collections of Jonathan Anderson and of a brand that has always been close to the British outwear concept that impersonates Beckham. JW Anderson was also close to the Beckhams after the item produced in collaboration with UNIQLO was worn by little Harper. After all, if the British Fashion Council created the role of "Ambassadorial President" ad hoc for your father, it means that everything has to do with fashion. 
In his county chic pics on Instagram, David goes from kick-colored sweaters to decidedly more modern cardigans, also against Victoria's opinion ("@victoriabeckham not a massive fan of my cardi but personally I think it’s a good look"). Nothing strange so far. "Being trendsetter" means being supported by numbers. In support of the thesis that wants DB as a reference personality when it comes to style. Numbers that come from Lyst, one of the best global fashion search platforms: consumer behavior goes in the direction of "grandad-style". By studying this trend, Lyst has linked the growing search for an unusual style for the period with photos by David Beckham.
Digging even deeper, Lyst showed a 66% increase in searches for "traditional layering pieces" exactly in the same week in which the Spice Boy published the first photo by country gentlemen. The most clicked terms include "knit" and "chunky", as well as a more general search (+ 11%) which includes "long cardigans". To close the picture, in the last two weeks also the clicks on "flat cap" has increased by 23%.