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The Hype French Generation: Kevin N'Doram

The Metz defender tells nss sports how much Nike and Abloh's philosophy influenced his style

The Hype French Generation: Kevin N'Doram The Metz defender tells nss sports how much Nike and Abloh's philosophy influenced his style

Kevin N'Doram is another of those footballers who does not experience fashion as a side element: football goes first of all, but following one's passions is equally important. The 24-year-old defender on loan from Monaco is yet another promise that we insert among the "hype players of the French next generation"; we reached him to deepen the path that led him to be a trend-setter, through his own influences and his vision of the fashion industry:

''Fashion does not only mean dressing, nor does it represent a superficial side of my life or a simple passion; you can understand a lot about a person and his personality through an outfit''. Sacrosant words, but it is equally true that being a footballer can facilitate this process of approaching a passion that, at times, is far from accessible.

''Clearly there are days when I get dressed quickly without paying particular attention to what I wear, but sometimes I can even spend an hour getting dressed: I grew up with Nike as a technical sponsor since I was a child, so I never had too much way to develop my personal style because I have always followed the trends of the "swoosh", which dictates more or less the rhythms of world sportswear fashion, but I always liked to wear many tracksuits combined with the Nike Presto models, which are among my favorite shoes, and which came back in fashion a few years ago through the collection "The Ten", despite having remained in oblivion for years''.

''In the end it's just like Virgil Abloh says, ''streetwear will be slowly replaced by archival pieces'': every trend is cyclical, has a beginning and an end, but if it is a garment it is well done it is difficult that it will pass never in fashion''.

Although he is still very young, Kevin has already had the opportunity to find out what his tastes are: ''Growing up I developed my own culture and clearly I got the idea of what my favorite brands are, but if I want to be on the safe side I wear an Air Jordan 4 - of which I am a big fan, even if at the moment the shoes I would like most are Jordan customized by Theshoesurgeon -, a Palm Angels suit and maybe a slightly oversized Balenciaga shirt. Once I tried to put on a 424 Bootcut Jeans but for me it was a gamble since I'm used to wearing only tight jeans. To conclude, I always wear a lot of my jewels, I especially like it if DRIP, just like rappers do, which is the job I would have liked to do if I hadn't become a professional footballer''.

Just like Valentin Rozier, N'Doram also took inspiration from his colleagues, footballers with his same passion, but of whom he would not have known if it were not for the use of social media: ''My ''brother'' William Vainqueur - Toulouse midfielder, ex Roma - is one of those players who amazes me with his outfits, while Karim Bellarabi of Bayern Leverkusen did not think he was so stylish! I stumbled upon his Instagram profile and I didn't know his passion for the fashion world at all''.