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Where to go to watch a game after quarantine

When sport meets pure fun

Where to go to watch a game after quarantine When sport meets pure fun

The sport will start again. After this forced stop, sport will return to fill our daily lives and make every single weekend special. Fasting generates strange cravings and the follies, in the positive sense of the term, that sport will bring forth will be those that we will appreciate most. Such as enjoying a game by the pool or ordering a dish from a starred chef during the intermission of a match. Many sports arenas, especially if located on the other side of the Atlantic, are becoming increasingly smart and real entertainment venues. Here are the 16 best stadiums to return to live sport in an alternative way.

1/15 | Chase Field Pool Pavilion

Phoenix's Chase Field is home to the Diamondbacks, the Major Baseball League franchise. The MBL season is played mainly in summer and the Arizona heat can be really deadly. The builders and the company thought that a near-edge pool could be the best solution for the most special fans. The Chase Field Pool has become an attraction, almost more than the team that unfortunately has not been among the winning teams for almost 20 years. A swim at the last inning to ease the tension is one of the best sensations.


2/15 | Hartwall Arena

Typical Finnish things: reindeer stew, the frost, the Karjalanpiirakka, the frost again and the sauna. But can these things be combined with sport? Probably not, but the last one listed does. This is the mystical experience that the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki offers, the stadium that hosts Jokerit's internal ice hockey games. During the competitions it will be possible to take a Finnish sauna and watch a match, all for the modest sum of around $ 3,000. A real bargain, isn't it?


3/15 | Hard Rock Stadium 

Collaborations between luxury and sport are now on the agenda. This is the case at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium, where Dolphins (NFL) fans let themselves be pampered a lot. We are still in South Beach and customers / fans know how to be very demanding. The outdoor suites at Hard Rock Stadium are very special and don't go away for a few cents. The service includes a reserved entrance, premium indoor parking and all-inclusive drinks and food. And the view is not so bad.

4/15 | FedExField club East and West

Football games can be really long. The expectations that exist between one action and another can be really unnerving for a sports mentality like the European one. The Americans, on the other hand, let themselves be delighted and bewitched by the outline. At FedExField in Landover, Maryland, the 82,000 Washington Redskins (NFL) fans who enter one of the most impressive arenas are among the hottest in the league. Special guests are reserved special boxes, called "Owner's Club", which provide vintage pool tables, screens everywhere, video games and a high-level bar service. The materials used for the finishes (oak, marble, alabaster) make it possible to understand the luxury that can be found inside an arena.


5/15 | Skyview Suites All Court Lawn Tennis Club Centre Court 

Wimbledon has always been synonymous with elegance. The white dress code of the players - with a rather bizarre history - is proof of this. Alongside elegance, however, there is often luxury. The luxury that you can afford at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club is the Skyview Suites. The view from there is unique, but it is above all because of the possibility it offers: simultaneously seeing a backhand by Novak Djokovic and a report by Serena Williams, a volley by Roger Federer and a long-line by Nadal. The service of the Skyview Suites includes a private driver to and from the oldest tennis club in the world, a butler who pours vintage champagne, tea and strawberries with cream at the stroke of the fingers of the lucky (and wealthy) guest. The suite also has a retractable roof, because we are still in London.


6/15 | AT&T Stadium Hall of Fame

A game is often seen as a "manly" experience, far from refined style. This is not the case with the Dallas Cowboys. Del Bryant and Tony Romo can be seen standing in one of the "Hall of Fame Suites", decorated with marble and porcelain finishes, transporting a football game in a chic and elegant setting.


7/15 | Al Bayt Stadium

Al Khor's Al Bayt Stadium is one of the 8 new structures that will host the Qatar soccer world cup in 2022. Among the megastructures, this jewel is a specialty. Surrounded by a forest and with an artificial lake in the immediate vicinity, the stadium offers 96 suites which form the central part of the arena. 96 rooms in a 5-star hotel consisting of entrance, desk, table, bed and, at the bottom, a balcony where you can comfortably watch the game in slippers. Imagine the scene where you get out of bed, look out the window and there is Neymar or CR7 that marks. And if he scores against your favorite team, you can always go back to bed.


8/15 | Allianz Arena 

Bayern Munich has always been an avant-garde company, both in terms of technology and in terms of marketing. In fact, he was among the first top clubs to create a partnership with Marriott International, one of the most famous hotel chains in the world. The collaboration involved the creation of real suites - characterized by the Courtyard by Marriott style - which offer a king size bed, room service and even a fireplace, should the Bavarian winter make itself felt more than expected. In short, your classic Paulaner but with an extra touch of style.


9/15 | NRG Solar Rooftop Deck, Levi's Stadium

The new frontier of luxury is eco-sustainability. The San Francisco 49ers know that literally above their Levi's Stadium they installed what they call NRG Solar Rooftop. So far we have seen all indoor solutions, but none innovative and outdoor like this. The roof of the stadium is equipped with renewable energy measuring instruments to show how much electricity is emitted from space and actively seeks to reduce its ecological footprint. Eco-sustainability, the superb view of the plant, but also a lot of quality food. A truly unique experience.


10/15 | EverBank Field

On the false line of Chase Field, the Jacksonville Jaguars facility also follows the times and local lifestyle. Sitting and enjoying the game is now an old American fashion. In the era of the double or triple screen, much more is done during a game. And why can't a pool party be included in this one? Unlike the first "field swimming pool" we have seen, EverBank Field offers a full service with drinks and DJs. The stained glass window on the magnificent stadium does the rest. The entire pool pack can be hired for around $ 3,000. Ah, wait for the lifeguard who seems to be very strict (besides being perhaps the best job in the NFL world).


11/15 | Arthur Ashe Stadium, Emirates Airline Suite

If it's true that Emirates has changed the idea of conceiving the first class on an airplane, it's also true that it is revolutionizing the spaces that are granted to the airline through sponsorship contracts. This is the case of the Emirates Suites inside the Arthur Ashe Stadium, the arena that hosts the US Open. The prices - literally unapproachable - are for the pockets of VIPs only, as evidenced by the presences of Lupita Nyong'o and Shaquille O'Neal. Space is certainly not lacking.


12/15 | Avaya Stadium 

Avaya Stadium in San Josè, CA, is one of the best football stadiums in the United States and they have certainly given their guests something to boast about. While most private suites are located at the top of the facilities, the Earthquackes' Avaya Stadium Patio Suites have it all and offer the best view of the stadium. On the sidelines it is possible to have Benedict eggs if it is a matinee or a steak in the blood if a night match. All for a crazy experience.


13/15 | Cardinal Stadium

The revenue from food and beverage within private sports facilities is often underestimated. The Cardinal Stadium, however, has developed a collaboration with an exceptional partner to improve the service and go even further to meet the tastes of its fans. Papa John's is one of the most popular pizza franchises in America and the operational headquarters are in Louisville, the city of the Cardinals. At Cardinal Stadium, formerly Pope John's Cardinal Stadium, he places PJ's pizza in the services that can be found directly inside the stadium. Have you ever thought about ordering and eating your favorite pizza while sitting in your seat. Now it is possible


14/15 | Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Finding an English stadium, always a football civilization rooted in tradition, is a bit of a paradox. The latest masterpiece, however, offers a vision of football too modern not to be inserted. The new White Hart Lane is perhaps the most technologically advanced plant on the planet and the kitchen that leads to it is sublime. In the spacious boxes dedicated to wealthy guests and fans we can find chefs and bartenders ready to fulfill our every desire: even a Teppanyaki show. Jose Mourinho and Harry Kane think of all the rest.


15/15 | Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Attention and personalized orders for guests have already met them. Private dining rooms and bar areas within their own garage have we encountered. Crazy visuals on the field? Already seen. What makes Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GE special, beyond stunning design? Simple: by transforming the private suites into exclusive nightclubs at the end of the football game. Not only does it offer fans a place to celebrate with other fans, but players often join these after-game parties, giving fans the opportunity to socialize with the players on the team they love.